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Apple to Use MobileMe as the Brain of the Cloud?

Apple may be planning to use MobileMe has the brain of its cloud service rather then the storage locker, according to The Loop.

Instead of trying to provide everyone with cloud storage, I believe Apple will use MobileMe as the brain of the cloud service. The actual storage will be on our individual machines. In effect, in the cloud.

The Loop hypothesizes that MobileMe will store a list of the files on your home computer then retrieve that file when requested by your mobile device.

Here’s the thing — those songs won’t actually be on my iPhone until I tap to play them. As soon as I tap to play, it will download to my phone. You can scroll through your music library and choose something else and it will download and play. In effect, what Apple’s doing is setting up a streaming service that you host. By using advanced caching and MobileMe as the brain behind the operation, you will always have access to your media.

The WSJ is predicting that a major overhaul to MobileMe will result in the service be offered free to Apple customers.

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