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Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X, Coming in June for Only $299!

Apple has unveiled Final Cut Pro X which will be released in June via the App Store for only $299.

The new software was previewed at NAB 2011 this evening. We are still waiting for the official release from Apple but Engadget offers a peak at what’s new.

The “rebuilt from ground up” video editing suite — which now shares a similar look and feel with iMovie — will be shipped with 64-bit support to finally make use of more than 4GB of RAM, as well as handling 4K clips on 8-core editing rigs (by way of the Grand Central DIspatch feature on Snow Leopard). Most notably, though, is that this new FCP will always be rendering instantly in the background, meaning you can edit on the fly much like you do on iMovie! There’s also a whole stash of other new features: editing before media ingest, magnetic timeline, people detection, instant color matching between clips, smart collection of media based on custom keywords and people, auto image stabilization on import, and many more.

Some other notes from Photography Bay:

10:14: “Fully color-managed Final Cut based on colorsync.” “Resolution-independent playback system” Up to 4K formats.  To be able to deliver that, “we’re leveraging Grand Central Dispath.”   You can use all 8-cores. Background rendering built into application.

10:16: No more waiting for ingest.  Media is ready for editing even before ingest is completed. On the way in, media can be analyzed for stabilization.  Deal with rolling shutter on the way in.

10:17 People detection. Shot detection.  It will find medium shots, CU shots, etc. on the way in.  Automatic non-destructive color balance as it is being ingested.

10:18: Automatic audio clean up on the way.  Options to rid hum, rumble, etc. on the way in.

10:19: Range-based keywording.  You can select ranges inside your clip and apply keywords to those ranges instead of just keywording the clip.  No subclipping necessary.

10:21: Smart collections: Categorizes things like media types (audio, stills), how many people are in shots and how those shots are framed.  Smart collections looks very iMovie-ish.

10:23: Clip connections.  Primary audio and video are locked synced together.  There’s no way to accidentally knock it out of sync.  Same types of relationships can be established with secondary audio clips that are maintained through the editing process.

10:24: Magnetic timeline.  If you slide a clip down the timeline, long clips (i.e., secondary audio) won’t collide with other clips. The other clips will drop down to a new drag and nothing is pushed out of sync.

10:27: Compound clips. You can combine multiple clips into a single clip to make sequence easier to understand.  Everything that is associated with compound clips is still accessible, but moves together with later edits.

10:30: Inline precision editor. You can double-click on the seam b/w 2 clips and the timeline opens up to show what’s outside the handles.

10:32: Auditioning. How to compare edits and effects…  During the organization process, you can throw effects or b-roll into timeline.  Non-destructive….

10:33: Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect, Video Applications on stage.  Demo FCP X live now.  Beta version.  “We hope it behaves.”


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You can also take a look at the keynote overview video posted by Rob Imbs below…

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