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Apple updates homepage with moving tributes from fans

Apple has updated its homepage with tributes from fans received at a special email address[email protected]. The company says that over a million fans worldwide wrote to express their feelings regarding the company’s late co-founder who died October 5 at his home at the age of 56, just a day following the iPhone 4S media event. The page, available here, features a continuously scrolling wall of users’ tributes to Steve.

The company wrote:

Over a million people from all over the world have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve. One thing they all have in common — from personal friends to colleagues to owners of Apple products — is how they’ve been touched by his passion and creativity. You can view some of these messages below.

Among the many thoughts shared by Apple fans, this one titled “Steve Jobs is a hero” was particularly moving:

Dear Apple, It is very sad to know that such a genius had left us. He has always been my hero, my role model. His words have always been inspiring. ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ has become my motto in life, get me to reflect and be true to my self. Even though he can no longer be with us, he had lived a legend and the whole world is lamenting. I really hope Apple could carry on his passion, and do the best that you can to carve out another legend just like him, for he had already built a foundation for you to get going. Wish you all the best and stay tough! I am an Apple fan and will stay tune on your products.

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