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Apple will change the order passed by the processor foundry TSMC

According to industry revealed that Apple reportedly is seeking the next generation of its A4 processor and ARM Cortex-A9 based on the A5 processor architecture to TSMC foundry. A4 processor Apple is currently the exclusive OEM by Samsung, the other iPhone 3GS S5PC100 processor used in mobile phones from this Korean manufacturer is to develop and OEM. But TSMC declined to comment on this news.

      Since Samsung has recently launched its own smart phone and tablet PC models, quite directly challenge the Apple’s mean, it is worried about reports that Apple’s products, the use of processor technology secrets have been stolen could rival Samsung.

      According to a source, in fact, in 2010 Apple had some A4 processor under TSMC foundry orders at Samsung’s production capacity and therefore can not meet the market demand for Apple iPad, the source claimed was some of the A4 The purpose of products to TSMC foundry TSMC may test whether the saturation capacity.

      According to Digitimes Research report, iPad2 A4 Tablet PC will use an enhanced version of the processor, while the A5 processor will be used in the iPhone5. Foundry TSMC will be an enhanced version of the first orders for A4, A5 and then will become the exclusive generation of the processor business.

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