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Apple will still grow and prosperous without Steve Jobs

Leading U.S. financial magazine “Business Week” published an article online today, said that even without the auspices of the overall situation Jobs, Apple’s next few years will continue to market success, but then will be how to maintain the leading position in technological innovation and other matters facing more challenges. If the famous German sociologist and philosopher Max Weber (Max Weber ,1864-1920) underground to know, he certainly did not know how to operate the Apple iPod music player, iPad, and iPhone. In any case, as the father of modern sociology Weber, he should know who these products behind the influence of the host.

      Weber will be “charming,” defined as having vision, and then in the community has a tremendous influence and has a large number of admirers. In fact, business leaders, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) is very consistent with the definition of Weber.

      Weber also said that during his lifetime, if the “charismatic leader” is about to off the stage, the leader of the organization surrounding the organization will also lose the corresponding energy. Weber’s view, in part, a testament to January 17 this year, Steve Jobs announced the re-sickness chain reaction triggered by the news. Apple’s Steve Jobs sent to all employees the same day the letter said he would give Apple the burden of daily operations, chief operating officer (COO) Tim Cook (Tim Cook). Jobs did not disclose the specific reasons for their own sick leave again, has not indicated when it will host the overall situation returned to Apple, “Apple I value and want to return to work as soon as possible.”

      Jobs above statement, prompting investors outside and Steve Jobs health problems of great concern. Another major question which go hand in hand: Apple’s technology innovation and market success are inseparable in fact a person with Steve Jobs, then after declining influence of Steve Jobs, Apple’s future will go from here? The only certainty is that the next one year or 10 years, Apple will no longer be the hearts of investors and consumers are familiar with Apple.

      Investors worried about Jobs’s health problems has been going on for a very long time. As early as 2004, Jobs had pancreatic cancer receiving treatment. Sick leave in 2009 he had announced six months, and during this period received a liver transplant.

      Apple spokesman Kai Dike Dayton (Katie Cotton) Steve Jobs declined to the current condition in detail. According to informed sources, the current Jobs difficult to gain weight, and liver transplant using immunosuppressive drugs, leading to Steve Jobs health is more weak.

     Normal operations

      Despite poor health in recent years, Steve Jobs, Apple’s daily operations and have not been a significant impact. Apple’s new products introduced each year and services, such as the iPod music player, iTunes music service, iPhone smart phones and iPad tablet PCs, have broken the network of music, mobile, media and video distribution and other industries in the existing pattern. Even Apple’s Mac unit market share on the rise. Mac, PC is currently in the U.S. market share of 9.7%, while 10 years ago, less than 3%.

      With Apple’s market success, the world’s second-highest market capitalization company, Exxon Mobil ranked only (Exxon Mobil), after, and at Microsoft before. Apple just released as of Wednesday, December 25, 2010 in the first quarter fiscal 2011 earnings. Filing shows Apple’s revenue for the quarter was $ 26,740,000,000, an increase of 71%; net profit of 60 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 77.5%, $ 6.43 per diluted share.

      With this momentum, even if the next Steve Jobs returned to Apple is no longer presided over the overall situation, the company’s prosperity at least the next 5 years will grow. Apple product release plans for 2011 have been basically OK: U.S. mobile operator Verizon Wireless to Offer CDMA version iPhone, new iPhone and iPad is also expected to be listed.

      Apple must have been established within and beyond 2012, market development strategy. Jobs himself said not long ago, back in Apple’s iPhone, 2007, before the official release, the company has begun development of iPad tablet. As above, Apple may have already started research and development are currently available for 4G mobile networks iPhone and iPad.

      Some analysts believe that Apple may launch its own manufacture of high-definition TV, and in the Apple software products built to replace Apple’s current sales of the Apple TV set-top box products. Britain’s Barclays Bank (Barclays Capital) analyst of the Leize Si (Ben Reitzes) expressed: “Apple has at least the next two years to develop a product release plans, the time period may even be extended to three years or longer at least the general direction it is. ”

      Although Apple has developed a new product and service launch plans, but if the lack of Steve Jobs, Apple’s attention from the outside world will be reduced. Over the years, and other information media, Jobs is a great emphasis on product detail person. He often will develop a prototype of new “pass” Go back, asked to add new features or simply abandoned. All in all, Steve Jobs asked Apple to make those who have access to high-return products.

     Jobs received in 2004, “Business Week” interview, he said: “We have been considering to enter new markets Apple, but for some of the new market, we dare to say ‘no’, so that we can focus on developing real conducive to growth of Apple’s products and services market. “excessive attention to detail Steve Jobs, or even how he is reflected in matters such as the release of new products. In each conference, held before a new product, Steve Jobs will not only repeated “rehearsal” his keynote speech, and frequently asked Apple partners in the corresponding conference rehearsal.

      Jobs demanding better this sort of attitude, Apple senior management appears to none. On the other hand, Apple’s senior management are to Jobs as the center. Management of other companies with different modes, Jobs personally have the ability to recruit executives and require strict compliance with the corresponding provisions of executives.

      Startup mode

      Steve Jobs is set by the unique management model that looks more like Apple’s daily operations is a technology start-ups. Apple’s internal business, and no clear boundaries between the various executive responsibilities as well. In most cases, Apple’s market strategy will be held every Monday meeting content is Steve Jobs to listen to the views of 10 key executives. From other companies switched to Apple’s well-known executives, often not suited to this management model for the choice to leave.

      Apple’s Steve Jobs presided over the overall situation there can not be a day, then eventually left Apple after Jobs, who will have the ability to become the helm of Apple’s next? Most analysts believe that if Apple CEO Steve Jobs formally resigned his post, the likely successor to Cook. Cook, 50, operations can be described as a genius in the past few years, he succeeded in Apple also released a number of products, and to achieve the goal of Apple’s market growth.

      In addition, Cook’s loyalty to Apple is very high. Cook was responsible for sales, customer support and logistics aspects of the work, which means he can get most of the staff support Apple. Jobs sickness in the previous period, Cook has accomplished the work of Apple’s daily operations, and has received $ 59,000,000 in salary and stock awards. Still, Apple has revealed that Jobs had sickness in the period, he still involved in the decision-making Apple a major marketing strategy. In other words, Cook’s ability to act as Apple CEO, did not actually get a real test.

      Jobs and other members of the management team, although the current interest by outsiders, but does not have the ability to serve as CEO. Apple’s chief designer, Jonathan Ives (Jonathan Ive) joined Apple in 1992, has become one of the world’s most well-known product designers. But his lack of management experience in the overall market, so do not be optimistic about Wall Street. Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) although the efficiency is very high.

      But speculation that he could not develop a long-term marketing strategy for Apple. Apple’s head of software development, Scott Firth Rosenthal (Scott Forstall) presided over the development of iPhone mobile platform is known, but how to make the new product profitability is still a lack of experience in such matters. Apple senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson (Ron Johnson) Although good at sales, but he is not technical experts.

      Some outsiders believe that if Apple’s Steve Jobs is no longer chair the overall situation, it may cause the company’s existing senior management of the turbulence. An Apple a partner product manager, said Apple’s Steve Jobs stage fade, other executives will not “stir up trouble.” The identity of the product manager do not want to open, said Steve Jobs last sickness in the period, Apple is no longer emphasis on technical innovation, but to “play a secure card.” In fact, Apple’s are actually able to manage many, but only Steve Jobs has a strategic vision and courage to take market risk, and thus make Apple into a mobile phone manufacturer.

      From short-term perspective, Apple can still play the current management team the potential to scale new heights in market performance will Apple: Steve Jobs, after all, not a harsh attitude, but some of the products Apple released more smoothly, such as Apple and Verizon could have been earlier Wireless a partnership, may consider iPad support Flash technology, so that iTunes service support third-party equipment, the introduction of low-cost mobile phone Starter Edition iPhone and competition for markets. Jobs and such comments will not be considered, because these acts that would be detrimental to user experience, while weakening the influence of the Apple brand. Of course, Jobs has some truth to this view.

      Follow-up success

      Numerous examples of American business history has been confirmed: the visionary founder of the fade, he created the company has not disappeared, but continued to survive and even renewed prosperity. Ford Motor founder Henry Ford (Henry Ford) died 10 years later, the company’s performance in the 1950s reached the highest point. Two co-founder David Packard Hewlett-Packard (David Packard) and William Hewlett (William Hewlett) after retirement, the company’s market performance continues to grow. Disney founder Walt Disney (Walt Disney) 1966 after the death, the company has suffered a heavy blow, but 20 years later, Disney’s Michael Eisner (Michael Eisner). Under the re-emergence.

      University of Southern California Marshall School of Business professor Warren Bennis (Warren Bennis), said the founder and inventor of the 20th century are all, they did not give much thought to their overall lifestyle products will be brought to consumers what species affected. And as Steve Jobs and other business leaders in the 21st century, they are more inclined to emphasize the double product and brand influence, “the current overall experience even more optimistic about technology innovation.”

      Jobs or be seen as the desire to inspire consumers to buy the best example. Another example is the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (Howard Schultz). Schultz not only to consumer sales at high prices of coffee drinks, Starbucks and want to fight the public except outside the workplace and at home “at the third place.” Such business leaders is not easy to find a successor. Schultz announced his retirement in 2000, the performance of the company have fallen sharply, he was forced in 2008, “came back.”

      Chief Operating Officer, of course, there are other “number two” from the company founder, who took over management after the decline of the example where the performance of the company. Such as Michael Dell (Michael Dell) and Charles Schwab (Charles Schwab) has been relegated to second-line, but were later forced back at it. American Institute of Clermont Temaikenna. Professor 杰伊康格尔 (Jay Conger), said: “charming, fade after a very competitive market today, these business leaders to create the company is likely to be a major blow.”

      Even without Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple still has to give the future a certain degree of returns to shareholders. The company in the global PC and mobile market share will continue to grow, while developing a large number of enterprise users. From this point of view, Apple will remain to become a successful company, but its appeal to consumers will decline.

      Jobs in view of the outside world does not know the specific condition, no doubt these are all speculation. But just as Weber long ago to predict, charming, fade, it will inevitably be adversely affected. Although we have not improper for the future development of Apple speculation, but one thing is certain: no matter what happens in the future, Steve Jobs innovative ideas will be rooted in Apple, Apple will move on.

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