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Apple will use Intel’s next-generation in the MacBook display scheme

Apple has decided to line of MacBook notebooks with Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridgeprocessor. This transition will be implemented in 2011, resulting in a number ofpopular notebook Nvidia graphics processor will be squeezed out.

Intel’s latest processor will on January 5 next year’s Consumer Electronics Showofficially released. According to people familiar with Apple’s plans said Intel’s latestprocessor will be used to replace the current models of Apple’s new MacBooknotebook computer. MacBook notebook computer using the current Nvidia graphicschip and Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo i series dual-core processor. However, theSandy Bridge chips enhanced graphics capabilities, Apple has now decided to at least some models of notebook computers will no longer continue to use the Nvidiagraphics processor.

According to informed sources, MacBook notebook computers 13 inchesscreen size, it is expected to be converted to use only the Sandy Bridge chips,graphics, and high-end MacBook Pro is expected to use AMD’s graphics chips. It is unclear whether Nvidia graphics chips will appear in the higher-end Apple laptopcomputer.

Intel do not want to comment directly on Apple’s plans. However, on the OpenCLtechnology, Intel said that from a comprehensive product support, we will continue to evaluate what OpenCL will prevent us when and where the application of various products.

Future decisions of Apple processors Intel and Nvidia Another factor is the legal disputes between.

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