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Apple “cloud ” plans disclose more details

Reported last month, Apple will likely use in the iPhone 5 short-range wirelesscommunication (NFC) chip, the iPhone into a secure electronic wallet or keys, but also in installation of NFC technology on a Mac, so Mac iPhone data can be And settings stored on the phone, but also free to transfer data with the Mac.

However, when the report did not say whether the user can clear all of the host file transfer to the phone, after all, iTunes library and iPhoto picture library of the files are pretty large, through the “cloud” side the opportunity to transfer content to cause greatburden on sub-. Recent finally revealing more about the Apple “cloud ” on the details, the original Apple only allows transmission of data and content of the sub-file. For example:

iTunes: only transfer purchased iTunes music, iTunes to buy the other content (including video) can verify the iPhone after the transfer. However, Apple has not yetreached an agreement with record companies, record companies do not allow usersoutside their own computers to the addition of computer transfer music.

iPhone Content: Since the agreement with the record company problems, Apple is developing an alternative system that allows the host from the user’s iPhone in theiTunes display (whether purchased or non-iTunes purchased iTunes content can bedisplayed.) If your iPhone has the content, you can also play the host.

iPhoto: mobile phone users and the extension can only display photos and albumsMobileMe account. Back to my Mac is only open to access the user’s mobile phonefeatures the entire picture library.

In addition, the message also said that Apple is testing this system, which, before the official release there will be changes. The good news is that this system will integrate seamlessly with the Mac App Store.

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