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Apple’s stock price high of $ 355.48 on Tuesday

Feb. 9 News on Tuesday, Apple shares to new high of $ 355.48, market capitalization of $ 327,310,000,000. This is a new record for Apple’s stock price.Verizon iPhone show that Apple still has the introduction of room for growth.

Tuesday, Canaccord Genuity analyst Walkley (T. Michael Walkley) to Apple’s stock price increased to $ 460, higher than the current trading price of 29%.

While Google’s Android have a large number of supporters, but Apple hand-held iPhone and iPad, is still king, with a lot of fans.

Last week, Verizon began allowing users to pre existing iPhone, on Thursday officially sold to the public. According to Verizon’s announcement shows, iPhone scheduled to very hot.

To this end, Walkley in 2011 estimated that Apple sold 74.8 million units worldwide iPhone, before he was estimated to be 72.9 million units.

Walkley iPad 2011 is also expected to reach 34 million units in sales, estimated at 30.3 million units before.

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