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Apple’s subscription service monopoly or by the EU investigation in connection

According to  reports, Apple has just launched a subscription service, not only caused public outrage in other enterprises, but also may lead to the European Commission’s attention. One lawyer said that the European Commission may investigate Apple’s subscription service to confirm whether Apple has a monopoly and whether the terms of the service would hinder free competition.

Apple yesterday launched subscription service, requiring publishers to provide applications in Apple’s subscription price must be equal to or lower than their offer price in other places, and must be from their applications through the creation of Apple’s revenue share of 30% extract to Apple.

Pinsent Masons law firms (Pinsent Masons) competition law team leader Guy – Norfolk (Guy Lougher) said that, since Apple’s position in the industry, “it’s a move that will soon lead to the European Commission’s attention. ”

Luo said that the European Commission may be Apple’s recently launched subscription service for investigation. The survey will need to determine whether Apple has a monopoly of the market position, and if you have a monopoly, 30% of the royalty fee is too high. Apple also needs to consider the European Commission requires issuers to provide in their applications the price is not higher than other local regulations will force the prices, or free of price competition.

However, Luo also pointed out that before Apple launched the service, Apple’s lawyers are sure to have long considered the consequences of its response. United States, “The Wall Street Journal” said, “publishers may claim, Apple Tablet PC market monopoly, and to use this monopoly to restrict free competition. Conversely, Apple will extend the definition of this market to all digital and print media and argues that the issue of dissatisfaction with Apple’s terms of service providers are free to choose other print and digital media to contact their customers. ”

Apple last night confirmed that, in addition to the subscription business, with its new provisions also apply to such services business through the sale of the contents of Apple’s applications. This means that the Amazon Kindle applications and other applications sold on Apple App Store Apple must be given 30% of the commission.

Apple’s new terms of service commencement date is the end of June, so most companies are thinking they will go quietly. However, there are some companies openly expressed their anger. U.S. streaming Rhapsody music service providers to release a statement saying: “If we are opposed to Apple’s 30% of the commission request, we can no longer through Apple’s iTunes store to the consumers served. The whole industry colleagues should unite to take appropriate legal and business measures, Apple responded to this move. “

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