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ARKCANARY II acoustic iPhone speaker

surrounding the iPhone is very rich product range, the external speaker is a very important one category, the major manufacturers of this big cake can be said to compete for effort, offering a variety of beautiful shape, fully functional external speakers. The following should be the one to introduce the unique shape of a comparison of the.

This is ArkWhat studio designed specifically for the iPhone 4 the shape of a small speaker. It is very compact, flowing lines, the speaker took a huge majority of space.This is an unplugged speaker, public address fully the use of physical principle. It uses the trumpet sound principles, to make the sound even more penetrating. Speaker this section, a total of seven colors, is expected listing price of 13 dollars. IPhone 4 for their purchase of such a cheap and interesting speakers should be a good choice.

ARKCANARY II is an analog acoustic speaker for the iPhone 4. This speaker amplifies existing iPhone 4 speaker. Much like our successful ARKHIPPO I standing iPhone 4 cover, users simply slide an iPhone 4 into the ARKCANRY II for use.
Our brand goal is to create fun products for existing digital devices. There’s simply no reason why smart digital products can’t be more humorous, emotional, and engaging.

We are currently working with manufacturer in Korea to create an affordable, yet environmentally friendly product. We want to make sure our products are safe for our children, ourselves, and mother earth. With your support, we will be able to create a quality mold for mass production. ARKCANARY II will be sold in global market in conjunction with other ARK products and/or by itself. ARKCANARY II will be sold at retail price of $13.00 (not including iPhone 4) ☺

Check out the official website www.arkwhat.com

Check out the images below…Are you going to get one? Cool? Let us know how do you like it…

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