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Artify turns your photos into works of art

Inspired by the great Impressionist painters Monet, Renoir, and Degas, Artify instantly transforms your favorite photos into masterpieces. Create gorgeous impressionistic interpretations of photos of friends, family, landscapes, or anything at all. Reveal and highlight any detail you want with just the touch of a finger.

-Take or import photos and transform them with a single touch of the “Artify!” button into impressionistic artwork
-Reveal faces or other detail with a stroke of your finger, for a gorgeous mix of soft and sharp that will delight your friends and family
-Customize and create your own unique version of a favorite pic by turning your fingertip into a small, medium or large brush.
-Hit “Clear” to start again from a clean copy of the original photo
-Nothing to “learn” – Artify is instant and intuitive. One touch and your favorite photo is a masterpiece
-Share your artified pics in email, or post to Facebook or Twitter right from the app
-New photos and artified works are autosaved to camera roll for you to keep
-Create unlimited Artified versions of your pics. Each time you “Artify!” you create a unique interpretation of the image

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