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At Least Nine Apple Stores Close Ahead of Hurricane Irene

At least nine Apple Stores will close their doors this weekend as citizens across the East coast of the United States brace for Hurricane Irene.
Two million residents across at least five states have been ordered to evacuate their homes ahead of the Category 2 storm that is expected to hit tomorrow and Sunday.
"Don’t wait. Don’t delay," said President Barack Obama, who cut his vacation short to return to Washington. "I cannot stress this highly enough: If you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now."
New York City has ordered an evacuation of 250,000 citizens and will completely shut down their transportation system, the first time it has done so for weather.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "There is a very dangerous storm headed in our direction, and it could go slightly to the east or slightly to the west. It could speed up, it could close down, it could grow or diminish in intensity, but there is no question that we are going to get hit with some wind and high water that is very dangerous."
If you are in a zone threatened by the storm we urge you to take the necessary precautions.
New York:
Manhasset, Manhasset (Closed: 28th)
New York City, Fifth Avenue (Closed: 27th, 28th)
New York City, SoHo (Closed: 27th, 28th)
New York City, Upper West Side (Closed: 27th, 28th)
New York City, West 14th Street (Closed: 27th, 28th)
Staten Island, Staten Island (Closed: 27th, 28th)
New Jersey:
Atlantic City, The Pier (Closed: 27th, 28th)
Marlton, Sagemore (Closed: 28th)
Norfolk, MacArthur Center (Closed: 26th, 27th, 28th)



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