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AT&T Overcharges not only iPhone and iPad?

Since I have posted a report that saying Lawsuit Alleges AT&T Overcharges iPhone and iPad  Customers for Data we had a reader that told his story in our comment,it is not only for iPhone or iPad. He is not using iPhone,iPad his phone is just a normal phone (not smart phone),once he hit a wrong button/key on his phone that brought his phone open web browser then AT&T charged him for 3 month data usage.This was so sad that AT&T charged customers data usage incorrectly.

Here is what did our reader patricia jackson said in our comment section:

It is not only Iphone/Ipad that are getting charged incorrectly. After my complaint to them that I had data usage charged without ever, not even once getting online. My phone is not a smart/android phone. If you accidentally hit a key meant to take you to the web browser and you end the process within seconds, usually 3 at the most, you are still charged data usage. The instant you hit the key you are charged. They credited me 3 months of these charges, because they can only credit 3 months back and I was told to call back every 3 months and make them aware of these charges and I would be credited. Every three months so that I wouldn’t have to call every month. I have been with att for 8 years.

Actually,I am not using AT&T,so I don’t really know that it is true or not,but I believe what patricia jackson said,because even Rogers having this kind of issue as well.Good luck to any one who is using AT&T.Thanks for Jackson’s comment and if you have any same kind of problem,just feel free to leave your comments.

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