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AT&T vs. Sprint vs. Verizon: iPhone 4S Network Speed Test

iLounge has completed an initial 3G cellular data speed comparison of the iPhone 4S across all of the available U.S. carriers.

The data speeds seen on AT&T’s HSPA network-between 2.41Mbps and 2.99Mbps down, 0.68-0.81Mbps up at our Buffalo, NY test location-far outpace those seen on either Verizon’s or Sprint’s EV-DO networks in the same area.

Between the two CDMA carriers, Verizon fared better save for one outlier, with download speeds ranging from 0.55-0.69Mbps down and 0.04-0.26Mbps up, compared to 0.33-0.58Mbps down and 0.11-0.22Mbps up for Sprint.

iLounge concludes that AT&T has a significant edge in 3G cellular data speeds and believes that customers will need to wait for LTE-supporting iPhones before Sprint and Verizon will be able to bridge the gap.

Note: Later today,here at iPlayPlus.com will give you the Canada Rogers iPhone 4S Network speed test. Make sure come back and check it out.

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