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Avid releases Pro Tools 10 and has 50+ new features

Avid just announced its next version of its industry leading sound program Pro Tools 10.   Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 10 will be $299. If you purchased Pro Tools 9 or an Mbox + Pro Tools bundle after October 1st you’re eligible for a free upgrade.

From the amazing new AAX plug-in format, to major advances in workflow, file handling, and cross-software compatibility, Pro Tools 10 brings you some of the most requested and innovative features of any Pro Tools release ever. Run your sessions in up to 32-bit FP/192kHz format, access hundreds of functions with your EUCON-equipped control surface, tap into the power of Avid’s new Channel Strip plug-in, and much more. Whether you’re into music recording or media post production, you’re going to love the exciting new features in Pro Tools 10.

  • New AAX Plug-in Format!
  • Major Workflow Enhancements!
  • Powerful Tools for Post and Music!
  • Includes Avid’s Channel Strip Plug-in!
  • Advanced EUCON Compatibility!


Here’s a list of some of the new features:

• Clip based gain workflow
• Real-time Fades
• Extended Disk Cache
• Improved Disk Scheduler
• Support for NAS
• 24-Hour Timeline
• Visual Indication Improvements
• Export Selected Tracks
• Interplay Send To Playback
• Improved ISIS Support
• EUCON Integration Phase II
• Channel Strip Plug-in
• Down Mixer Plug-in
• In App Browser for Plug-in App Store, Help etc.
• Support for Mixed File Formats (FIle type, Bit-depth)
• 32-Bit Float Session Format
• Bounce To iTunes
• Send To Soundcloud
• Bus Interrogation
• Low Latency Monitoring for ASIO/Core Audio
• Audiosuite Now Preserves Metadata
• Audiosuite Now Has Multiple Windows
• Audiosuite Handles
• Di-Fi Update
• Right Click to Reveal In Finder
• Media Composer Clip Gain Interop
• FGS UI Localisation
• 256 Voices (Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools with CPTK)
• 768 Tracks
• 512 Aux Tracks
• Improved ADC with up to 16,000 samples (Pro Tools HD and HD Software only)
• Extended Disc Cache
• Field Recorder Improvements
• Input Monitoring (with CPTK)
• Destructive Punch (with CPTK)
• Support for up to 2 Satellites
• Support For D-Command Multi-mode
• Media Composer Surround Track Interop
• CPTK Users now get Track Input Monitoring and Destructive Punch Record

[Via ProToolerBlog |Video via AIR USER BLOG]
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