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B.A.N.G. X-Mas For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

HD Graphics!!! iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S version!

Smash the bad guys and get tons of EXPLOSIVE fun!
Only B.A.N.G. gives you a chance to blow your opponents to smithereens using large-caliber guns of your own self-propelled stronghold – the manowar.
Imagine: a stone floor under your feet, a cannon of steel and a casket with gunpowder in your hands complete with the unparalleled marksmanship of a gunner. Make the mountains shudder as you fire! Push forwards, and let the ground shake under the wheels! Nothing will stop your unfaltering hand as you fire a heavy armor-piercing cannon ball into your enemy. A furious combination of the best gaming genres: arcade/strategy/RPG/, exciting action-driven world of heroic adventures, hilarious jokes – all this set against the background of a wonderful fantasy-inspired middle-ages environment.
The variety of powerful guns, indestructible manowars and secret skills results in an infinite number of strategies. B.A.N.G. has all it takes to turn a battle of two fortresses into a fiery hell of untamed flame and explosions. Upgrade your stronghold in the best of king’s own forges: get yourself strong armor; buy powerful cannons and BLOW UP the army of dark dukes that occupied the Rainbow Kingdom at the will of the evil warlock Twich. Only you, Obry Gunpowder, the ingenious mechanic, can state your case in the face of the enemy using a .1000 caliber mortar.
Nextgen graphics and ideal gameplay turn B.A.N.G. into a cake with dangerously explosive stuffing, and right now you can bite off a smoldering hot piece of it. Eye-catching effects and brutal symphonic score will help you and your iPhone plunge into a wild ocean of fierce battle action. Show no mercy!
Prove your superiority over your friends using Wi-Fi as you command a heavily-armored full-track fortress with some powerful guns to boot. Leave the wrecks of your friends’ manowars lie smoldering across the snowy plains, green forests or even a hot volcanic upland.
Only with this, the complete and improved version of the B.A.N.G iPhone application you get:

B.A.N.G X-Mas

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