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Babes Vs. Robots Price Drop, Free On App Store Now

Invading robots have conquered planet Earth. A group of heroines know as The Babes are our last hope, but they’ve been captured. Is this the end for humanity?
But one of the Babes breaks free! You play as Red Roxy, and it is your mission to destroy the Robots and save the world. Use the unique weapons in in the Game to take revenge on the robots and free The Babes!

Babes vs. Robots features hours of challenging physics-based destruction and lots of replay value. You’ll need the perfect combination of strategy and brute force to pass each level and move one step closer to freeing the planet.
Kill the Robots! Help the Babes! Save the World!
-Stunning graphics
-Strategic game play
-21 challenging levels to try free!
What’s new

Bug Fixes.


Babes VS. Robots was $0.99 on App store,now is free.Download it before the price goes back to normal. [App Store Link]



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