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Bankers vs. Humans released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Bankers vs. HumansBankers vs. Humans Description

Bankers vs. Humans has arrived! Are you angry at bankers? This is the place to take them down! Or are you a banker and angry at the media n’ protestors! Battle it out over the skies of Switzerland, Brazil, New York city and many, many more exotic destinations!

In this Game you will take part in one of the most ridiculous plot lines ever and guess what…you can play as four characters, each with a unique story line; Fat Trader, Slick Banker, Hippie or Intellectual. Which one are YOU?

Use strategy and reflexes along with high-power gadgets such as rocket launchers, helicopter drops, jet packs and many more items in order to get promoted! But watch out for many hindrances such as private jets, poison pills, SEC investigations, protestors and a lot more! Your goal playing as a Human is to get promoted to President. As a Banker your aim is to get promoted to CEO asap! Once you do this you can show off your skills and how much money you have collected on Leaderboard or on www.bankersapp.com!

Occupy THIS!

DISCLAIMER: This game is not to be taken seriously at all. The plot line is a total joke. It is very fast paced! Your heart will race! Greed is not good. Lunch is for wimps. Hold your device tightly cause the game relies on tilting!

Bankers vs. Humans – Teaser Trailer

Bankers vs. Humans ipa

Download Bankers vs. Humans IPA

Version 1.0 : SlingFile

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