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Barrel 1.6.4-1 deb For iPhone,iPad,iPad Mini,iPod Touch

Almost all Cydia developers were waiting for iOSjailbreak because the real peak time for Cydia is Jailbreak of any iOS Firmware. iOS 6/6.1 Untethered jailbreak also results many famous Cydia apps updates like Springtomize 2, Zephyr, Folderenhancer, Activator and many more. Barrel 1.6.4-1 is the latest update which got iOS 6 support too. Barrel deb 1.6.4-1 has support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Barrel has added the new mode called Snake. Barrel iPhone is fully compatible with iOS 3 to iOS 5 or newer except iPad on iOS 3.2. Barrel 1.6.3-1 is updated by Aaron Ash (Charybdis) to fix the issue of iPad rotation and SBRotator and intelliscreen X compatibility issue. Aaron Ash (Charybdis) is famous developer of many famous apps including Multiflow, Wraparound, PhotoProtect, Barrel etc but this is the time for Barrel.
Barrel 1.6.4-1 deb for iPhone is a tweak supports for a 3D “cube” effect to your icon pages. Barrel for iOS5 provides you the option to customize the effect in the settings and supportiOS 3 or later in beta. Barrel v1.6.4-1 is the latest and updated version which is similar to compiz on LinuxBarrel .deb adds graphical effects to your icon pages as you scroll through the homescreen. Barrel will not add any extra icon to your homescreen and also you have option to configure from settings application.
List Of 18 different modes For Barrel 1.6.4-1

Cube (inside), Cube (outside), Page Slide Down, Page Slide Up, Curl and Roll Away (extremely popular!), Curl and Roll Away Alternate, Vertical Scrolling, Page Fade, Stairs (down right), Stairs (down left), Page Squeeze, Icon Collection, Icon Scatter, Carousel, Flippy, Page Zoom, Pac-Man, Merry-Go-Round
What’s New In Barrel 1.6.4-1

  • Added iOS6 Support

Barrel 1.6.4-1 deb

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