Battlefield Bad Company 2, Electronic Arts’ $5 first-person-shooter, is already ranking at the top of the App Store’s most downloaded list—and for good reason. BFBC2 is one of the best first person shooter games out there, giving Gameloft’s Modern Combat 2 a run for its money.

That's a mighty nice gun you've got there.


The Battlefield series is well known on the console, and the iOS adaptation does justice to its predecessors. Loaded with features, BFBC2 offers a diverse set of gameplay experiences, including 14 missions undertaken in 5 different locations across the globe, with 14 weapons and vehicles – all to be mastered in 3 difficulty levels. Multiplayer is available for up to 4 people via online, local wifi, and bluetooth in free-for-all and squad deathmatch Game modes. Not to mention: there are 52 total achievements for both single player and multiplayer.

The controls also come up with options, beginning with the “A” option, in which there is no visible d-pad on screen; you simply pushes on the left side of the screen for forward movement and slide your finger laterally or horizontally in the right portion of the screen to aim your weapon. The “B” option adds a crosshairs “shooting button,” which gives you something tangible to press while shooting your weapon. Option “C” adds a joystick on the left side of the screen in addition to the shooting button. Personally, I like the “C” option the best, especially when getting acquainted with the game, as it makes controlling your soldier much easier (particularly when moving backwards).

Each of the control variations works well and simply having a choice in which control you use goes along way toward securing BFBC2’s long-term playability.

Another great feature is that, in most FPS games, you are only allowed to shoot or drive, but BFBC2 allows you to do both, leaving a wake of destruction as you pilot your tank around the world. What’s more, these vehicles also include both a primary and secondary weapon that can be aimed in different directions and include their own health systems, making the strategic piloting of your vehicles around obstacles – along with aiming and shooting – a fun and challenging undertaking.

Many of the weapons you pick up along the way will come with their own additional attachments, like a grenade launcher, which you can activate by tapping on icons underneath the weapon logo at the top of the screen. BFBC2 also gives you the ability to aim at your targets more precisely, by holding down a button in the left hand corner of the screen, which is a terrific addition as your enemies begin to appear both above and below you, requiring you to adjust the height of your aim. A series of helpful and detailed tutorials will help you to get better acquainted with these features.

Overall, while the graphics may not be as bright and polished as those of Modern Combat and other FPS games, and the missions can mostly be completed in 5 to 10 minutes intervals, BFBC2 has a lot going for it – I’d say this is a must-have game for those iOS warriors out there.

You can purchase BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY™ 2 for iPad 1.0.2 from App store at $2.99.

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