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Better Link Tester Express 1.0.5

Before Dawn Solutions has announced that Better Link Tester is available in the Mac App Store. BLT will be available for $9.99 on an introductory basis. Better Link Tester (BLT) is an automated website link testing application, it will verify all of the links and content on your site, and deliver a report when it has completed.
"We are very excited to offer BLT on Mac App Store, BLT is a great tool that will increase the quality of the internet", says John Martyniak, President/CEO, Before Dawn Solutions, Inc.
The Better Link Tester (BLT) application is an automated Website Link testing application, it will validate that all links and images resolve to actual content being returned. It is a tremendous tool that will save you hours of time checking all of the links and your website, and it will stop you from being embarrassed by your boss and co-workers for having broken links on your site.
Better Link Tester (BLT) will find all of those broken links display the results in a flat view or a tree view. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can generate a report in a CSV/Text format, HTML, or even export it to OmniGraffle. BLT honors the robots.txt file on the server that you are checking so that it doesn’t get overwhelmed with the additional traffic, you can even change the User Agent so you can check browser specific settings on the server, the code or the HTML.
Pricing and Availability:
Better Link Tester Express 1.0.5 is available immediately from the Mac App Store for the introductory price of $9.99 (USD) in the Developer Tools category. Better Link Tester is also available directly from the Before Dawn Solutions website.

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