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Bike Race v1.9.6 Hack All Bikes and 999999 Multiplayer Retries

There are many of you looking for Bike Race v1.9.6 hack to get all bikes Unlock without jailbreaking your devices, so I just update this hack for you. You can easily unlock all bikes and get as many multiplayer retries on Bike Race if you have iapfree/iapcracker installed on your device. But in this case,  Bike Race v1.9.6 hack is free for those who don’t want to jailbreak their devices or don’t want to forever. Additionally, Bike Race 1.9.6 hack can use on non-jailbreak iPhone 5!

Bike Race 1.9.6 hack features:

  1. Ninja Bike$2.99
  2. Ghost bike$6.99
  3. Super Bike$19.99
  4. 99,999,999 Multiplayer Retries $99,999,999
  5. Acrobatic Bike$1.99
  6. Bronze Bike$1.99
  7. Unlock Hills$0.99
  8. High Tech Bike$2.99
  9. Silver Bike$2.99
  10. Retro Bike$0.99
Bike Race 1.9.6 hack – screenshot took bynon-jailbreak iPhone 5

How to unlock all bikes and get 99,999,999 multiplayer retries without jailbreak:

1. Install and run Bike Race Free by Top Free Games 1.9.6. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Bike Race 1.9.6 hack from the link given below [Free for everyone]

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox/itools copy the file ” nometres.plist” to var/mobile/Applications/BikeRackTFG/Documents/

4.Overwrite existing file.

5. Done! Enjoy all bikes unlocked and 99,999,999 Multiplayer Retries on Bike Racing 1.9.4 brought to you by J8mesz. Only here at iPlayPlus.net

Please note that you may lost your current game progress by using this hack.


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  1. hey J8mesz, does this work for the newest paid version?

  2. Requires a PC… don’t think a Mac will work. No way to do this from your iphone only.

  3. disqus_TCGaFSN1C4

    what is var/mobile/Applications/Bike RackTFG/Documents/

  4. i need a downlod for mac

  5. Thanks James it worked
    Can you maybe add 2x speed hack to this version

  6. can this be used on a non-jail broken iphone 4

  7. So when using the hack… Does unlocking everything and getting all of the retrys, mean you are buying them through the app-store? Please reply as soon as possible

    • No, you aren’t buying them.
      It’s just a code, that tell the application what you have unlocked or not.
      He changed that code, so now the code tell the application that you bought everything and are allowed to play with it, nothing else.^^

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