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BiteSMS 5.3 beta 7 released,Beta 8 coming soon

bitesmsBiteSMS 5.3 beta 7 has been released with bug fixes.Also,the beta 8 is coming soon.

5.3 beta 7 bug fixed: 

  • Improved performance for Quick Compose ‘Auto Show Recents’ feature.
  • When adding multi-media, the send button now automatically changes to blue (carrier) as opposed to prompting you, which was superfluous.
  • Fixed bug, close biteSMS app while picture is displayed then upon reopening biteSMS the navbar could incorrectly be displayed in black.
  • Fixed security bug, go to conversation for hidden contact, view MMS, lock, Unlock, MMS was still incorrectly shown, and thus conversation was incorrectly revealed.
  • Fixed losing draft bug – see http://forums.bitesms.com/forums/6/topics/3649?…
  • When composing a new message in the app or in Quick Compose the send button incorrectly defaulted to orange (TextFreek). Now defaults to the ‘Default Send Method’ instead.
  • Fixed SpringBoard crash bug. Lock screen, QC, receive call, activate proximity sensor, press power button to end call, crashed.

Beta 8 Bugs:

Bug: On iOS 4.3.1, cannot play (MMS) videos.

Bug: See http://forums.bitesms.com/forums/6/topics/3649?… (Bug: when using audio apps other than iPod, quick compose activated by volume display tap does not activate (cause it flickers off)

Bug: Jumping to end in conversation bug: http://forums.bitesms.com/forums/6/topics/3649?… (also happens when using search feature and viewing older MMS)

Reported bug regarding ‘in call’ ringtones don’t seem to work at all.

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