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Bling Your Screen HD 1.1 For iPad Released

InTekOne has announced the release of ‘Bling Your Screen HD’. ‘Bling Your Screen HD’ is a high photo quality wallpaper app for the iPad that gives the user the sheer power of its customizability. The iPad screen projects a resolution of 1024X1024, which is perfect for this app to display pictures and exclusive content that is sure to make any iPad stand out from the rest.
There is always some utility for making an iPad stand out from the rest. Bling Your Screen HD boasts visually stunning photos including abstract designs, colors, comedy themes, nature, cars, and other genres. Using this app is also incredibly easy. One just needs to tap the arrow buttons and select the wallpaper of their choice, and instantly the screen sports the image. What’s more is that all these images are of high resolution, and also can be highly customizable, for example, use these images as a screensaver.
Application highlights:
* High Definition Resolution 768×1024 and 1024×1024
* Landscape and Portrait images available
* Categorized view
Amazing power of customization and ability of a preview. You get a terrific preview of how the screen will look like once the changes are applied, which will surely save you a lot of time. With the ever increasing sales of iPads, it would be difficult to maintain a sort of uniqueness for people in their machines. ‘Bling Your Screen HD’ app, hence, comes with that one mission – to enhance the iPad and make it an eye candy that everyone would lust for.
Pricing and Availability:
Bling Your Screen HD 1.1 for iPad version is $1.99. Available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.


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