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Blogger app for iPhone Now is Available

Blogger, a blog-publishing service, has been around since 1999 and it has gotten pretty popular since Google acquired them in 2003. Strange enough, the search firm neglected the iOS app until today, when Blogger for iPhone debuted as a free download on the App Store. Google says in a post over at the official Blogger blog that the applets you write a new blog post and publish it immediately or save it as a draft right from your iOS device. Also,

You can also open a blog post you’ve been working on from your computer and continue editing it while you’re on-the-go. Your blog posts are automatically synced across devices, so you’ll always have access to the latest version.

The app also allows for adding pictures to your blog posts by choosing from your camera roll or taking a new photo. Yes, you can label posts, too, and add location. Plus, the app allows for more than one Blogger account or blog and you can easily browse the list of saved and published posts. Unfortunately, looks like we’re gonna have to wait a little for a universal binary because the inaugural release isn’t optimized for blogging on the iPad’s gorgeous 9.7-inch display, which is a shame.

blogger-for-ios-screenshot-001 blogger-for-ios-screenshot-002

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