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Bloons TD 4 HD updated to version 2.8


Bloons TD 4 HD for iPad:

Bloons TD 4 HD Update 2.2 is now live! This is a bumper update bringing a host of new content. Included is a new track, Monkey Heart plus 2 new challenges. Also for those who have purchased the Extreme Map Pack we have included a new Extreme Track, Jolly Roger.

We are commited to bringing you the very best updates over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Update history :

2.1 -Added new tower Spike Factory.
2.0 – Added 2 Holiday themed Maps, 2 new Challenges, Holiday Towers and Double XP.
1.9 – Added Challenges with Unique Gameplay
1.8 – Added Trick or Treat Map and Spooky Surprise Towers.
1.7 – Added Firecracker Map, Blue Laser Challenge and Extreme Maps IAP.
1.6 – Added Brand New Challenge Mode.
1.5 – Added Sweet Tooth Map.
1.4 – Added new tower Dartling Gun.
1.3 – Added DNA Test Map
1.2 – Added Deflation Mode and IAP for Premium Upgrades
1.1 – Added Apopalypse Mode and Spring themed Daisy Chain track.

Bloons TD 4 finally receives the HD treatment and Bigger is definitely Better!

Featuring a brand new HUD layout designed to take full advantage of the larger screen space, the Bloons TD experience just got better. All towers, upgrades and important information are now always at hand just where you need them. Combine this with gorgeous, crisp HD graphics and Bloons TD 4 HD may just be the definitive version!

This time the monkeys are serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air and sea. Utilising a new ranking system you can build up your experience and gain access to even more powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion.

Bloons TD 4 HD features a mix of classic tracks from the online Game as well as a whole host of new tracks for you to master. The medal ranking system is also back to add a new level of difficulty to the challenge. Can you battle through all 75 rounds to earn the gold medal?

Of course, even if you do, the fun doesn’t stop there and you can continue the madness in freeplay mode. Discover how many rounds can you survive before the enemy overpowers you then challenge your friends to beat your score using Game Centre high scores.

Bloons TD 4 HD combines all of this with Game Centre achievements and there is even some special bonuses which you can discover and Unlock by mastering the tracks!


* All new HUD layout designed for the larger touch screen, now all of your towers and upgrades are easily accessible and important information is always at hand.

*Crisp, vibrant HD graphics, perfectly suited to the iPad.

*20 different tracks with 8 brand new and exclusive to iOS.

*3 difficulty settings on each map, Easy, Medium and Hard for varying degrees of challenge.

* Challenge Mode.

*Continue the popping frenzy in freeplay mode once you master a track.

*Game Centre high score tables and achievements.

* Special bonus unlocks.

* Now includes Apopalypse and Deflation modes.

What’s New in Bloons TD 4 HD Version 2.2

It’s time for update 2.2 and this time we’ve introduced a whole host of new content.

First off we’ve added a brand new map, Monkey heart. This is an intermediate track which provides a good deal of challenge.

You can also test your skills with 2 all new challenges on the Sweet Tooth and Farm Yard tracks.

Finally for those players who previously purchased the Extreme Map Pack we’ve also included a new Extreme track , Jolly Roger. If you don’t yet have the Extreme Map Pack then don’t worry you can still purchase this for a low price and gain access to 5 very challenging maps.

Also in this build:

* bug fixes to cure the white screen issue.

* please also note, if you previously purchased any of the IAP and have since deleted the build and lost it, don’t worry if you download it again you will not be charged.

Thanks for all your support so far and keep the 5 star reviews coming! More great content coming soon…

What’s New in Version 2.8

It’s time for some brand new challenges as update 2.8 goes live.

First up is Lasers and Daisies which takes place on Daisy Chain. 15 tough rounds with no cash for pops or at the end of the round. Start with 4 laser vision super monkeys and get 1 more every round. All other purchases locked out!

Next is Attrition which takes place on the Bloonraker track. This is an Extreme Challenge which will provide a real test even for the most skilled players. Rank locked until round 70, this challenge will see all of your towers downgrade a level every 10 rounds. Towers with no upgrades are destroyed. Pass 60 hard rounds with no selling to win.

Good luck and stay tuned for more free content coming your way soon!

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Bloons TD 4 HD IPA for iPad:

Version 2.8: SlingFile

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