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Bloons TD 4 v3.5 added new track – Pool Party

That’s right the monkeys are back and this time there is a whole new army of bloons to burst. Featuring a whole host of new tower and enemy types, Bloons® TD 4 is the long awaited sequel to Bloons® TD iPhone.

This time the monkeys are serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air and sea. Utilising a new ranking system you can build up your experience and gain access to even more powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion.

Bloons® TD 4 iPhone features a mix of classic tracks from the online Game as well as a whole host of new tracks for you to master. The medal ranking system is also back to add a new level of difficulty to the challenge. Can you battle through all 75 rounds to earn the gold medal?

Of course, even if you do, the fun doesn’t stop there and you can continue the madness in freeplay mode. Discover how many rounds can you survive before the enemy overpowers you then challenge your friends to beat your score using Game Centre high scores.

Bloons® TD 4 combines all of this with Game Centre achievements and there is even some special bonuses which you can discover and Unlock by mastering the tracks!


• All of your Bloons® TD 4 favourites, including the all powerful Sun God and Dartling Gun.
• 20 different tracks with 8 brand new and exclusive to iPhone.
• Challenge Mode.
• 3 difficulty settings on each map, Easy, Medium and Hard for varying degrees of challenge.
• Continue the popping frenzy in freeplay mode once you master a track.
• Game Centre high score tables and achievements.
• Special bonus unlocks.
• Now includes Apopalypse and Deflation modes.

What’s New in Version 3.1

Update 3.1 is here and we’ve included 2 brand new challenges.

Take on a limited towers challenge on Ocean Road then discover if you have what it takes to beat 40 BFB’s on Military Base!

Also if you are struggling to gain those gold medals to Unlock the premium upgrades but you don’t want to purchase the entire set, we’ve now added the ability to purchase premiums separately.

Stay tuned for more great content coming soon!

Update history:

3.0 – Added 2 new Challenges.
2.9 – Added Monkey Heart Map.
2.8 – Added 2 new Challenges and Jolly Roger Extreme Map.
2.7 – Added 2 new Maps, 2 new Challenges, Festive Towers and Double XP!
2.6 – Bug Fixes
2.5 – Added new tower Spike Factory
2.4 – Added Trick or Treat Map and Spooky Tower Surprise.
2.3 – Added 3 new Challenges with unique gameplay elements.
2.2 – Added Blue Laser Challenge and IAP Extreme Maps.
2.1 – Added Firecracker Map.
2.0 – Added Challenge Mode.
1.9 – Added Sweet Tooth Map
1.8 – Added new tower Dartling Gun.
1.7 – Added DNA Test Map.
1.6 – Added Deflation Mode.
1.5 – Added Spring themed Daisy Chain map and IAP for Special Upgrades.
1.4 – Added Apopalypse Mode.
1.3 – Added new Sun God Temple Map.

What’s New in Version 3.2

Version 3.2 is here and we’re bringing you a bumper updated packed with awesome new content!

The war is heating up and the Bloons are ready to battle back, harder than ever.

A new track has been laid out on the battlefield, Bee Hive. This is a spring themed map with an intermediate difficulty level and should provide a reasonable degree of challenge.

If that doesn’t sound too tough then prepare for the all new EXTREME CHALLENGE MODE! Only higher ranked generals need apply. These difficult tasks will prove a real challenge even for the most highly skilled players. There are 4 new extreme challenges in total.

With all of this new content the monkeys needed a way to retaliate so we are sending in reinforcements. We air dropped a mystery package to aid you in the battle. Unfortunately the Bloons managed to intercept the package before it made its way to you and they’ve secured it with a special lock. Our intelligence suggests that if you manage to pop 2 million Bloons then you should be able to unlock the package. Good Luck!

Oh and one more thing, all of this awesome content is completely free!

Stay tuned for more great updates coming your way soon and thanks for all the support!!

What’s New in Version 3.3

Version 3.3 is here and it’s time for 2 brand new challenges.

First up is Dna Test, 50 rounds on medium with limited towers.

Next is an all new Extreme Challenge taking place on Rail Track. 60 rounds on hard with restricted cash supplies.

Good Luck!

What’s New in Version 3.4

It’s time for some brand new challenges as update 3.4 goes live.

First up is Lasers and Daisies which takes place on Daisy Chain. 15 tough rounds with no cash for pops or at the end of the round. Start with 4 laser vision super monkeys and get 1 more every round. All other purchases locked out!

Next is Attrition which takes place on the Bloonraker track. This is an Extreme Challenge which will provide a real test even for the most skilled players. Rank locked until round 70, this challenge will see all of your towers downgrade a level every 10 rounds. Towers with no upgrades are destroyed. Pass 60 hard rounds with no selling to win.

Good luck and stay tuned for more free content coming your way soon!

What’s New in Version 3.4.1

Bug Fixes.

We have now fixed the issue from the latest challenge update which meant that Laser Monkeys turned back into Super Monkeys when placed. Our apologies but sometimes we struggle to keep these monkeys under control.

We realise that this bug made the challenge difficult and by difficult we mean impossible so thanks for your patience whilst we sorted this out!

Stay tuned for new content coming soon and good luck with the challenge.

What’s New in Version 3.5

Update 3.5 is here and it’s time for a brand new track – Pool Party. This is an intermediate track with a reasonable degree of difficulty.

Being largely water based means that this battleground is perfect for Buccaneers.

Good Luck!

Stay tuned for more awesome content coming soon.


You can purchase Bloons TD 4 from App store at $2.99 USD.

Or you can try out this game first by downloading the cracked IPA file posted below to install onto your iOS devices for free. Make sure if you really like this game,you must purchase it legally through the app store.

If you are looking for how to jailbreak your iOS devices,you can follow our step by step tutorial from posted here. Once you have your iOS devices Jailbroken ready, and you still need to know how to install ipa to your iPhone,iPad or iPod touch, you can simply find our guide posted here. If you have any question about these, just drop me an email or leave a comment below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.Enjoy!! Find any Apps or Games interesting? Send us a tip -tips[at]appleguider.org


Download Bloons TD 4 IPA

Version 3.5: SlingFile

Version 3.4.1:  LimeLinx

Version 3.4: SlingFile

Version 3.3: sendspace

Version 3.2: FileFactory | Turbobit

Version 3.1: SlingFile

Download Full Version

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  1. This Bloons TD 4 Version for the iPhone looks interesting. Seems to be a mix of Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 4 Expansion and some new tracks and freatures.

    Hope i find time to play it soon 🙂


  2. bloons td 4 is the best tower defense game ever made.

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