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Bonus Samurai v1.2 gets bug fixes

Bonus SamuraiBonus Samurai for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Once upon a time, there was a warrior samurai whose name was Kung Ben. He enjoyed a life filled with indulgences, mainly acquiring his favorite pleasurable influence: sake. Punch drunk on sake, this warrior samurai enjoys the finer pleasures in life. Help this little warrior get to his bonuses to fulfill his pleasurable destinies, and make his life an enjoyable one

The samurai begins each level far away from his goal. Like all samurai, you must use logic, practice, precision, and patience to reward your hero with the luxuries he so desires. Have fun slicing, dicing and maneuvering the hero around the obstacles to ensure that he receives his level bonus. But be careful, one false slice and you will find yourself at the beginning, trying to retrace exactly what went wrong.

There are 60 different levels available in this version, every single level presents different challenges and skill.

There are only two conditions to get through the Game:
– The samurai must get the end-of-level bonus
– The samurai can’t fall off out of the screen

Various boards
Wooden – normal
Balloon – floating
Glass – slippery
Sponge – elastic
Iron – can’t be cleared
Using your finger to clear the different obstacles and allow the gliding samurai to get to the level bonus to finish the Game.

Post your score online
Make sure you finish the game as soon as you can to show your ability to your friends via Game Center, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Full retina display support
Enjoy the stunning graphics with full iPhone 4 retina display support.

We’d like to take this opportunity to show our imagination and passion for making games. We do our best to make the highest rated and best-selling games on iTunes!
What’s New in Version 1.2

BUG fixed.

Watch Gameplay Video:

Bonus Samurai ipa

Bonus Samurai cracked ipa

Download Bonus Samurai cracked IPA

Version 1.2: FileFactory

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