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Boxee for Mac is Getting an Update This Fall

Boxee for Mac

Boxee has announced that its PC/Mac/Linux users will finally see an update this fall that will bring the updated browser, improved playback, and lots more content.
The company admits that their focus on the Boxee Box has caused the other versions to fall behind in features but promises to brdige the gap soon.
At a certain point we had to focus everyone on the Boxee Box to make sure we hit deadlines. After launch we needed everyone working to address feedback and our own demands for where we wanted the product to be. All of it came at the expense of the downloadable version. The gap between the CE and computer version grew bigger. However over the past couple of months we’ve taken steps towards bridging that gap.
We are going to release an update for the downloadable version this fall, and hope to keep it more up to speed with the CE version going forward. We also hope to make the open source version of the downloadable version easier to use for people who want to build out their own versions of Boxee. That said, updates for the downloadable version will most likely lag behind the versions of Boxee for devices.

We’ll let you know when the update is available.
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