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Bubble Bust! v1.21 Adds 14 New Levels, and more.

FINALLY! A new version of Bubble Bust! is released – and now it’s better than ever!

Bubble Bust! is an amazing bubble-shooter Game featuring addictive gameplay and tons of exciting new bubbles and power ups!

Bubble Bust! is easy to play – clear the marbles and bust the hidden key bubble – yet incredibly fun and challenging!

Bubble Bust! v1.21 FEATURES:

* 90 levels of serious bubble-popping fun
* Exciting new bubbles and power ups
* High quality graphics with Retina display support
* Breathtaking visual effects
* Realistic Game physics
* Captivating arcade inspired music
* Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot
* Global high scores let you compete against players from around the world
* Three star ranking system
* Tracks today’s and personal records for each level
* Excellent replay value
* Colorblind mode
* Fun stats and much much more…

HOW TO PLAY Bubble Bust!:
Your goal is to clear the marbles and bust the hidden key bubble. Clear the marbles by making groups of the same color. Groups of three or more marbles of the same color will fall down. If the marbles cross the glowing line at the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Bubble Bust! CONTROLS:
Simply tap a marble on the game board, or an empty spot close to it, to fire a marble towards that spot. To fine tune your shot, slide your finger left and right anywhere on the screen to first set the direction, then release your finger to launch the marble.

What’s new in Bubble Bust! Version 1.21

This version includes the following updates:
* 14 new levels with many new great features for free!
* New catchy soundtrack
* Get some serious scores with the powerful new Fireball
* Polished graphics and many minor improvements
* Extended help with Scoring, Tips and Tricks, etc.
* In-game tutorials added

The 14 new levels are included in Bubble Bust World 1 – Bust that Bubble! together with the original 76 levels (90 levels in total).

You can easily buy two additional worlds from within the game with 200(!) all-new levels, each including tons of new game features and amazingly fun gameplay for a small price!

Bubble Bust World 2 – Shooting Stars
* Be starstruck by 100 all-new and marbelously fun levels!
* Lots of exciting new marbles and power ups including the Meteorite, Repulsor, Black Widow, Energy Bubble and many more!
* Master the all-new Bumper feature – it’s a real Life Saver! 🙂

Bubble Bust World 3 – Struck by Lightning
* 100 levels of pure bubble-shooting craziness!
* Many new game features including the Marble Mixer, Chameleon, Hovering Block, Skull Medallion and many more!
* Unleash the force of the mighty Lightning Orb!

You can purchase Bubble Bust! from app store for $0.99 USD. [App Store link]

Download Bubble Bust! v1.21 cracked IPA

Bubble Bust! 1.21Bubble Bust! 1.21 ipa

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