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Busy Bags Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Busy BagsBusy Bags for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

At the luggage reclaim of an airport every person is the same, no matter if it is a celebrity or a tourist. The wole world meets there and all have the same goal: Get the luggage quickly and get out of there.

But that isn’t that easy as it sounds. Some persons have the impression that their bag is always the last one on the belt.

As soon as the plane lands you are responsible to lead the passengers to their luggage. The faster they get it the better. The more patience they loose the more points you will miss.

Busy Bags awaits you in a colourful 3D world with astonishing details.
The action will become a multitasking challenge in higher levels even for experienced player. Broken belts, nervous celebrities, a flirt with the stewardess or passengers that suffer of airsickness. At every airport new features are awaiting the player. The easy to understand 2-click mechanic offers a lot of fun to casual as well as to experienced gamers.
But everyone who manages to make all passengers happy is able to achieve the new highscore.

☀ over 40 Level in the first version
☀ 5 airports from all over the world
☀ 5 languages (english, french, italian, german, spanish)
☀ 3D eniroment with 360°-camera view and infinitely zoom
☀ up to three luggage belts/level
☀ new features at every airport
☀ over 20 different 3D-characters
☀ Tutorial
☀ exclusive music compositions
☀ easy gameplay with intelligent 2-click mechanic
Game Center

New airports and special levels can easily be added via in-app purchase.

Busy Bags ipa

Busy Bags cracked ipa

Busy Bags IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 0.2: uload.to

Download Full Version

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