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Calc Pro/ HD v4.0.3 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Calc Pro HDCalc Pro HD for iPad:

★You Will Never Need Another Calculator App Again With Calc Pro HD ❛4.5/5 Stars❜ AppAdvice★
✦10 powerful calculators with 10 financial worksheets!✦
✦Take advantage of the improved workflow in either Landscape or Portrait!✦

The top selling mobile calculator is now available on your iPad! The only calculator on the app store that can truly replace your pocket calculator. Calc Pro HD offers more power, more features, and more accuracy than any other mobile calculator. 10 powerful calculators with 10 financial worksheets, Calc Pro HD is by far the top choice to meet your educational, business, or household needs. Whether you are checking the latest currency rates or converting simple cooking measurements, Calc Pro HD makes it easy to solve even the toughest calculations.

Features include:

► 10 powerful calculators:

✓ Standard Calculator

✓ Scientific Calculator (includes RPN mode and access to constants)

✓ Base Conversions

✓ Graphing Calculator (8 equations)

✓ Unit Converter (over 3000 conversions in 18 categories)

✓ World Currencies Converter (150+ currencies updated daily)

✓ Constants (contains over 1500 constants)

✓ Financial Calculator (with 10 worksheets)

✓ Statistics Calculator with 4 types of regression analysis and graphing

✓ Date & Time Calculator (with lunar moon phases)

► The Financial Calculator contains 10 powerful calculator worksheets to help solve common financial problems.

✓ Mortgage Calculator

✓ Tip Calculator

✓ Loan Calculator

✓ Time Value Money worksheet

✓ Financial Date worksheet

✓ Percentage Change worksheet

✓ Break Even worksheet

✓ Profit Margin worksheet

✓ Depreciation worksheet

✓ Compound Interest worksheet

► Five display options: normal, scientific, fractions, engineering, and fixed (2-10 decimal places)

► Five calculator modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression, and RPN

► Five skin styles each with ten color schemes

► Advanced graphing functions: simultaneous graphs, find points on the graph and show tangents

► Tape View displays your recent equations and allows you to copy or email them

► Supported Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian

What’s New in Version 3.6.6

-Improved Italian translations
-Improved Spanish translations
-Improved German translations
-Added MPa to pressure conversions
-Improved worksheet formatting of negative numbers
-Fixed calculation bug in Date worksheet
-Fixed Unit Converter save state bug
-Minor performance improvements

What’s New in Version 3.7.1

– Fixed A-Z quick access when selecting currencies
– Now clears all 10 memory locations on Reset button
– Improved RPN behavior when adding constants
– Graph screen no longer shows RPN buttons
– Improved LastX button behavior for RPN
– Improved RPN stability
– Improved Portugese translations
– Fixed rare crashing bug when using Expression mode

What’s New in Version 3.9.0

✦ Full iOS 6 compatiblity!
✦ Now fully localized for Traditional Chinese!

✦ Improved Constants calculator
✦ New Statistics calculator layout
✦ New Financial calculator layout

✦ Added single variable statistics worksheet to Statistics calculator
✦ Fixed subtraction rounding bug with very small numbers
✦ Fixed calculation being reset when pressing successive operators
✦ Fixed RPN Reset bug
✦ Fixed Euro Notation on RPN stack
✦ Thousands separator is now shown when entering values
✦ RPN stack is now automatically raised when recalling a saved value from memory
✦ RPN stack is now cleared when pressing reset
✦ Changing fixed digits in financial setting now changes digits on currency converter
✦ Improved displays on White, Orange and Blue Steel skins
✦ Fixed fractions on expression mode
✦ Improved overall display performance and alignments

What’s New in Version 3.9.1

Please send any suggestions you might have to [email protected] If you like Calc Pro please rate it 5 stars in iTunes each time an update is released. Thank you for your support!

✦ Added Natural Log Regression and Reciprocal Regression to Statistics
✦ Added Cubic Feet per Minute and Cubic Feet per Hour to Flow Rate conversions
✦ Add mm H20 to pressure conversions
✦ Added Log2 button to Scientific Calculator (2ndF -> Hyp -> Log)
✦ Added Standard Gravity to Earth constants
✦ Now auto adds x (times) between numbers and X variable on the graph calculator

✦ Improved French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, & Chinese Unit Conversion translations.
✦ Improved Moon phase accuracy on Time & Date Calculator

✦ Fixed mortgage interest rate input bug
✦ Fixed decimal input bug on worksheets when using “Euro notation”
✦ Fixed subtraction rounding bug with very small numbers
✦ Fixed decares label in Unit Conversion
✦ Fixed tape recall button when using separators

What’s New in Version 4.0.3

• E-mail your Graph Calculator equations and image!
• E-mail worksheets from the Financial Calculator!
• Great improvements and some minor fixes.

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