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Camera Pro v1.1.1 added new sharing feature via email and twitter

Camera Pro is a simple and easy to use camera application but it has many professional SLR camera like features.

Camera Pro is a universal photo application which can be run on any of iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch 4th gen. devices with single purchase.


✔ Face detection
-Camera Pro loves to detect face
– It detects faces, focuses on the face and balances exposure automatically
-Requires iOS5

✔ RGB Histogram
-Histogram provides you a precise check on the exposure of the shot
-Real time live histogram on the camera view
-RGB Color histogram on the camera view
-Selectable (Luminance, Red, Green, Blue) histogram, just touches histogram view

✔ Album management
-Manage by place name
-Manage by date
-Display album on the map
-Save to Camera Roll or delete multiple albums or photos

✔ Auto Focus/Auto Exposure
-AF/AE Lock/Unlock on the camera view
-Long-Press on the screen- if press and hold it for a second then the focus and exposure will be locked
-Tap again anywhere on the screen to unlock and return to automatic mode

✔ Security of the albums and photos
-Protects the photos with Lock and Unlock feature with passcode

✔ Display Exif information
-Focal Length, Shutter Speed
-White Balance
-Metering Mode
-Exposure Mode
-Latitude, longitude

✔ Zooming
-Zoom in/out by pinching gestures

✔ Photo timer
-2s, 10s, 30s timer

✔ Location tag
-Tagged with location and address
-Show address on the map where you take photo

✔ Export/Import photos
-Sync photos with Mac or PC via iTunes File Sharing
-Save photos to iPhone Camera Roll

✔ Flash (compatible with iPhone 4, 4S)
-On, Off, Auto mode

✔ Front and back camera (compatible with iPad 2, iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch 4)
-Front, Back camera supported

✔ Composition guides
-Grids, Cross, Circle, Vertical and Horizontal lines, Oblique lines (left, right)

✔ Utility functions
-Tap to focus, exposure
-Multiple albums or photos selections for save, delete, lock and unlock feature
-Fully supports portrait and landscape recording mode

What’s New in Version 1.1.1

-NEW sharing feature via email and twitter
-Fixed no photos in album in some devices
-Fixed crash issue when preview photos

Camera Pro 1.1.1 ipa

Camera Pro ipa

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