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CardSwitcher brings webOS-like multitasking to iOS [Jailbreak Tweak]

Let’s be honest, the iOS task switcher that springs into action when you double-click the home button isn’t the most user-friendly implementation of task switching on mobile devices. Truth be told, many people who played with webOS devices came away impressed with the card metaphor efficiency, allowing you to quickly flip running tasks in and out of the screen. It feels right and quickly becomes second nature. You can now have that same card switching multitasking interface, according to iDownloadBlog, on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch (iPad version is coming soon) by downloading the CardSwitcher tweak in the Cydia Store. It feels a lot like task switching in webOS and you can assign your own action to invoke it using the Activator tweak in the Settings app, as demonstrated in the video below.

CardSwitcher is a new jailbreak tweaks which has the ability to bring webOS’ card based multitasking style to your iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad version is expected within the next few days. CardSwitcher allows you to swipe between your already-opened apps easily and smoothly just like the WebOS based smartphones.


In case you’re an older us in the jailbreak community, you might have seen this before with ProSwitcher, but that tweak is no longer relevant since it’s not compatible with iOS 4.x. However, CardSwitcher is an alternative for ProSwitcher and it looks pretty good with a fine price at $1.99.

You can use the popular activator in Settings app to use CardSwitcher by your own action. As other tweaks, CardSwitcher will not create a new on your springboard but there are some options available to configure in the Settings app. You can customize the tweak to swipe to close, show close buttons, show app title and much more.

CardSwitcher is still a little buggy as it’s still in the first release but the developer promised to release an update in few hours.

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