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Castle Hustle 1.1 Released for both iPhone and iPad for Free

Bzuka Games has announced the release and immediate availability of the first update for Castle Hustle, their exciting new adventure Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game was designed for all ages and it will provide you a lasting entertainment.

Castle Hustle is an excellent example of blend of old & new – the classic idea with a new twist. Player must find a way to escape the castle he’s trapped in. To do this he need to explore the whole castle and collect six gemstones to activate exit portal. There are lot of obstacles on the way, but, with a bit of persistence, they can be overcame easily. Although the game is designed for easy playing, sometimes you need to react quickly to get through.

The 1.1 update introduces two new castles available in the full version and some UI improvements. Also a new type of obstacles has been added.

* Two easy-level castles to explore (additional six are available through in-app purchase)
* Lots of unique rooms
* Obstructions and closed doors on your way
* Gold bags to increase your score, portal gems to activate exit portal and candies to replenish your health
* Deadly obstacles to avoid – fire, deep water and toxic gas
* A tricky floor plates which disappear from time to time – take the right moment to run or jump over it
* Secret rooms hidden from your eyes – find it and get a bonus score

Pricing and Availability:
Castle Hustle 1.1 is free and from the App Store in the Games category. The free app comes with two entry-level castles. Additional six castles are available through in-app purchase for $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

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