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Catan updated to version 3.0.0

Catan now available with enhanced graphics, Retina support and interchangeable graphic sets.

“Catan”, the legendary strategy Game on iPhone and iPod touch provides gaming fun any time, anywhere. True to the original Game, you can compete with up to four players for the most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army. You can trade with each other and claim the precious land with all its resources.
If there are no other players available, various Catanians, each with their own individual characteristics, will prove themselves worthy competitors: the pirate Jean, who knows no compromise, Vincent the merchant, who never allows himself to be cheated, Sean the knight, who takes what is rightfully his…

The complete Seafarers expansion includes more than 10 additional scenarios with an extensive campaign and is available to purchase from the Catan In-App Store. Become Harbormaster, discover new islands and extra game elements like ships, gold fields, treasures and pirates. Ahoy!

Find out if you really are a secret colonialist, confront your rivals and become Lord of Catan!


– Original “Settlers of Catan” rule set
– Hot-Seat-Multiplayer mode
– Smart computer opponents with individual strategies
– Scrollable game board including retina-graphics and zoom option
– 3 different graphic sets to choose from: Play with the classic set or select the original graphics from the US or German board game editions
– Freely combinable game settings
– Situation-related music and sound effects
– Game Center Achievements and local game statistics
– Comprehensive tutorial
– The new scenario “The 4 Islands” and two additional game variants


Catan FAQ:

Question: I bought the seafarers expansion but after an update or reinstallation of Catan or after restoring my phone the expansion seems gone?
Answer: Don’t worry; your initial purchase is already saved in your iTunes account. However for technical reasons you have to select “Buy” again. Confirm and an iTunes message will tell you that you’ve already purchased it and that you can re-download for free. You will NOT be billed twice!

Question: I lost my campaign progress after reinstalling, updating from an old version or when restoring my phone. Is there any way to restore it?
Answer: Savegames from old version can usually be restored automatically. For all other cases we’ve integrated a cheat code: In the campaign mode go to select player and enter „CatanWarp*“ (* = 1–15) as your player name and confirm. Exit the game via the home button and restart it. The campaign can now be continued from the specified level number (1–15). Levels up to the specified number will be unlocked in the custom game mode as well.

Question: Are dice rolls really random?
Answer: Of course! All dice rolls are 100% random and not modified in any way. We’re avid Catan players ourselves. We’ve played the iOS version hundreds of times while developing the program. There have been times when we won and lost a few games in a row because of the dice – just like when playing the board game!

Question: What about online multiplayer and further expansions like “Cities and Knights”?
Answer: We’re already working on online multiplayer and the next expansion.

What’s New in Version 2.1.6


– Issues with older, ARM6-based devices (iPod 1/2, iPhone, iPhone 3G) resolved
– Additional stability improvements
– Updated in-game statistics


– Updated AI opponents: The AI will play more leniently at the start of the game, and more offensively toward the end of the game
– New almanac display
– Improved Game Center functionality (iOS5) and overall stability
– Various smaller tweaks and optimizations


Please read our FAQ: Once you’ve bought an expansion, you don’t have to pay for it again if you need to reinstall.
If you experience any problems, please try to restart your device once. A restart can fix many memory-related issues in iOS that aren’t specific to Catan.
Our support team ([email protected]) will gladly help you – regrettably we can’t contact you via iTunes.

What’s New in Version 3.0.0

Cities and Knights expansion now available as In-App purchase!

– Cities and Knights LITE available in basic game
– Improved almanac layout
– Extended tutorial
– Numerous smaller tweaks and optimizations

Catan ipa

Catan cracked ipa

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Version 3.0.0: SlingFile

Version 2.1.6 : FileFactory

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  1. Any chance you could re-upload version 3.0 and 2.16. These are the only ones supported on my first-gen iPad and links appear to be dead all over the Internet.

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