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Siri Ported to iPod Touch 4G [Video]

After Siri has been ported onto iPhone 4 and iPad 1,now it has been successfully ported to the iPod touch 4G. It wasn’t ended up here, according to the Engadget reports, two young iOS hackers, @euwars and @rud0lf77 has finally ported Siri to iPod Touch 4G (fourth generation). So now …

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Siri will coming to Apple Television in 2013?

Apple is definitely building a television set, according to Nick Bilton the New York Times. The TV, which will include extensive voice control courtesy of Siri, could be announced as soon as late 2012 with a consumer release in 2013. Bilton quotes anonymous sources saying that an Apple television is …

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Steve Jobs Biography Draws Huge Crowd in China [Video]

The Steve Jobs biography has been hugely popular in China with thousands lining up for the title, according to M.I.C. Gadget. The launch of the Steve Jobs biography in China drew thousands of shoppers, emptying most of Chinese book shops’ inventory and guess what, all 250,000 Chinese edition copies of …

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Microsoft Office team shares vision of the future

The Microsoft Office team has put out a video showing a vision of the future where edge-to-edge, interactive, multitouch and gesture-based panels are everywhere. We’ve seen things like this before in movies like Minority Report and Iron Man, and even ye old Bill Gates CES Keynotes of yore. Apple would …

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iMac EFI Update 1.7 Brings Lion Internet Recovery

Apple early today has just pushed out iMac EFI update 1.7.You can now head over to Apple official site to download.In the update, enables Lion Recovery form an Internet connection and includes fixes that resolve issues with Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance on iMac (early …

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Apple deleting Developer Match iCloud Libraries tomorrow

Apple has just announced to developers this evening that they will be deleting iTunes Match libraries of those who are currently beta testing. The deletion will be taking place Thursday, October 27th (tomorrow), after a prior deletion took place a couple of weeks ago. Apple advises you to turn off …

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Apple Ship to Store goes live in San Francisco

The Apple Store’s new pickup program has launched for three San Francisco stores. The program which was first detailed by MacRumors lets customers choose to pickup their online orders in-store, as opposed to having them shipped to their home.The first three stores to launch the program are: San Francisco flagship, …

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The US Apple Store is down. Yes, again!

Apple’s online store has gone down. When the store goes down in the middle of the week it’s often an indication that new stuff is in the wings, but that’s not always the case. The recent MacBook Pro refresh snuck in completely under the radar, after all, and sometimes Apple …

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