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Hands-On Equations 1 v3.9.3 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Hands-On Equations 1: The Fun Way to Learn Algebra

Hands-On Equations 1: The Fun Way to Learn Algebra Teach your children the joys of learning algebra with Hands-On Equations 1 – the algebra app for children as young as eight! “…ingenious app…makes it exceptionally easy to learn algebra…”- Dr. Alex Davidovic, former International Chess Master Algebra can be a …

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Amount v3.9.91 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch


Amount is the most intuitive, lightweight and easy to use unit converter you’ve ever seen. Amount let you convert units in a way you’ve never seen before: with just two tap of your finger you have all the results you’re looking for in a single display, side by side. When …

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Pocket Anatomy For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Pocket Anatomy

\\ Happy Thanksgiving: 80% OFF Normal Price. Now only $4.99 // “One of our Top 5 Apps” – The British Medical Association Fly around the human body with a swipe of your finger with Pocket Anatomy for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Search through 1000s of anatomical structures such as …

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Architecture of Radio For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Architecture of Radio

The infosphere, Visualized. Every time we use our phones, tablets or laptops we are entering an invisible world of wireless digital signals. It is a world that we cannot see but that is literally all around us. It shows the cell towers, GPS satellites and Wi-Fi routers around you that …

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Akinator the Genie v4.1 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Akinator the Genie

The famous Genie needs to take up challenge. To help him, go in search for Aki Awards… Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess …

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Radio Pro HQ v8.1 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Radio Pro HQ

“Radio Pro HQ” is a modern internet radio receiver that enables you to listen lots of internet radio stations from around the world. More than 51,000 internet radio stations from more than 190 countries. More than 85,000 URLs of the radio stations’ streams, grouped into 749 genres. Enjoy your favorite …

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Aristotle (Audio version) v2.0 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch


He made remarkable achievements in philosophy, politics, science, etc. His researches nearly affected all western philosophers in the past or even today. This genius is Aristotle! Aristotle was the great thinker of ancient Greece. He was also the great philosopher, scientist and educationist all over the world. He was the …

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Square Video for Instagram & Vine v2.15 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Square Video

From the makers of PicPlayPost (video collage) and Acapella (singing collage) presents Square Video for Instagram and Vine. Never again will the 1:1 frame upload ratio restrict your ability to share your entire video. Square Video empowers you to capture and share your video within the ideal horizontal or vertical …

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Voice SMS v2.2 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Voice SMS

Create text message with just one click! Dictate instead of writing: Voice SMS transform your voice into text message. Save valuable time every day. If you are too busy to type on your iPhone, then Voice SMS is definitely for you. -Main Features: Use your voice to send messages. No …

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