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iTV Gets Mocked up [Gallery]


You know the non-existant “iTV” that Steve Jobs hinted about in the Walter Isaacson Bio? Yeah, it is already getting “mocked up” by one of our favorite artists Guilherme M. Schasiepen on Flickr. Check the gallery below.

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These Photos Were Taken With the iPhone 4S [Gallery]

You might really disappointed that there is no iPhone 5 launched but the iPhone 4S. Yep, I was also thinking that what the heck Apple did in those pasted 16 months after the iPhone 4 released. Well, they made the redesigned iPhone 4S with A5 chip, 7x Grafx, 1GB RAM,increased …

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White Apple iPhone 4 hands-on

This is an exclusives White iPhone 4 hands-on from BGR,nice and beautiful White iPhone 4.And as what we know,people in Hong Kong lining up for the White iPhone 4 already.Take a look this new awesome iPhone 4 below. You want one now?Ok,it is available tomorrow.Anyway,you want this White iPhone 4 …

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Sexy sells at CES 2011


Today we gonna see some photos about the sexy sells at CES 2011. Beside the awesome products at CES,we may also see some sexy girl sells at CES. check this gallery out. Hope you enjoy and iPlayPlus will share more about the news from CES. This group of pics was …

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