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Action Games for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

RunGunJumpGun For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch


RunGunJumpGun IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch. RunGunJumpGun is a tough as nails Game that puts a gravity-defying weapon in your hands. One button lets you fly, the other blasts obstacles out of the way. With a cast of crazed characters, challenging gameplay, and a pulsing musical score, it delivers twitchy platforming …

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Fire Fu for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Fire Fu

Unleash the Fire Fu! Flame-up and prepare for a barbecue like never before… Fire Fu is an intense and frenzied arcade Game where you must set alight hordes of devilish critters with fierce and fiery martial arts. With fire at your fingertips, unleash scorching attacks and frazzle waves of enemies …

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TMNT – Portal Power v1.1 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch


TMNT – Portal Power 1.1 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travel through portals and fight evil in this action-packed street fighting Game. Play as all four Ninja Turtles at once as you punch, kick, power-up and portal your way through outrageous dimensions to stop Shredder …

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Venture Kid For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Venture Kid

Take a trip down memory lane! Venture Kid is a lovingly crafted 8-bit retro action platformer that goes beyond just pixels and chiptunes. It shines with excellent level design, highly entertaining action levels, responsive controls and a great variety of bosses. Your Mission: The evil Dr. Teklov is about to …

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