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Download iFile 2.2.0-1 for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch


iFile is a complete file manager and viewer running under user root. iFile gives you full access to your jailbroken device’s files, like Finder does on your desktop Mac. iFile is your tool for advanced management and customization of files on your device. iFile allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system in multiple tabs. You …

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Jailbreak iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 jailbreak

Does it safe to jailbreak iOS 7.1? Can I jailbreak iOS 7.1 now? After Apple released iOS 7.1 some of you might have already download and updated, those are the two major questions you may asking.  Unfortunately, the answer is NO! You CANNOT jailbreak iOS 7.1 yet! You have to …

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AndroidLock XT 3.2.1 added Siri support

AndroidLock XT

AndroidLock XT is an enhanced version of AndroidLock with the following features: Customizable appearance and themes Enable/Disable switch Tap/Slide to Unlock (AndroidLock is minimized) Compatible with LockCalendar, LockInfo and Cydgets Max attempts limit Emergency call Option for asking pattern only after some time iCaughtU support BuddyLock support Option for no …

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WhatsApp Blacklist 1.0-2 deb for iPhone

WhatsApp Blacklist Cydia App

DESCRIPTION: Compatible with iOS7 or higher The first firewall for WhatsApp. It allows you to select from who you want to block messages and it also removes the notifications from blocked users protecting your privacy. Main Features: – Blocks messages and notifications from specific contacts – Keep a private history …

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MultitaskingGestures 0.9.1 for iPhone on iOS 7

MultitaskingGestures Cydia app

MultitaskingGestures 0.9.1 Compatible on iOS 7 and up. No iPad compatibility.Smooth, interactive multitasking gestures for the iPhone: – Swipe from the left or right side of the screen to switch between apps. – Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to quit the current app. Note: To allow for …

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Weatherboard 1.0.0-14 For iOS 7.x

Weatherboard 1.0.0-14

Weatherboard allows you to set your favourite animated weather condition as your lock screen and/or home screen wallpaper. In the settings, there are over 80 different animated weather conditions to choose from. Some of these conditions include: Blizzard Severe Thunderstorm Tropical Storm Snow Showers Flurries Mixed Rainfall Mostly Sunny Fog …

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iBlacklist 7.0-5 deb for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch


iBlacklist is the best firewall for iMessages, calls, facetime, SMS and MMS available for the iDevices. Now it blocks also FaceTime/iMessages and runs on iPod 4 and iPad 2. It ables you to select from who you want to receive calls and hide messages. It also removes the sms popup …

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Lockdown Pro for iOS 7

Lockdown Pro iOS 7

Compatible with any iPhone, iPod or iPad on iOS 7. Lockdown Pro iOS 7 lets you password protect your applications and so much more! This is the best, most in depth security tweak available. Here is a list of the main features and settings: Password protect any folder or application …

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VoiceChanger 0.3-1 Added iOS 7 and ARM64 iPhone 5s Support


VoiceChanger Change your voice while in a call, live! Another innovation for the iPhone! The first LIVE voice changer ever! After my previous success, Audio Recorder (Call Recording for iPhone), comes a voice changer tweak! This awesome tweak alters your voice when you talk on the phone so that the …

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