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CDMA iPhone 4 may land on China Telecom in June

Chinese news sites are reporting that China Telecom has overcome technical challenges with the CDMA iPhone 4 and is prepared to launch the handset as early as June. Details were sparse but engineers have reportedly developed a workaround for the lack of a SIM slot in the CDMA iPhone 4.

Available from Verizon Wireless, the CDMA iPhone does not support a SIM card because the U.S. wireless carrier does not use the cellular technology in its handsets. China Telecom requires a SIM card, which poses a problem with the CDMA iPhone 4. As proof of their achievement, China Telecom employees in the Guangdong branch have posted pictures of the CDMA iPhone 4 with full 3G signal on China Telecom’s network.

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This is translate News  from China Site:

With the iPhone 4 Verizon version of the hot-selling, China’s third largest mobile operator China Telecom has also been close to the CDMA version of iPhone 4 to obtain the distribution rights. Reported that China Telecom will launch iPhone 4 first listed in June this year, and using OTA (air-air to write code) way to solve the CDMA version of iPhone4 phone number burning problems.

Guangdong branch of China Telecom, a marketing manager, said in a blog earlier this week, China Telecom has tackled CDMA version of Apple’s iPhone 4 will introduce the company’s network of technical difficulties. Verizon version of the iPhone without SIM card slot, so the technical engineer of China Telecom has been working with wireless technology instead of burning No. SIM card to complete written code service.

Another source said, will be in Beijing in June this year to provide CDMA version of iPhone 4 write number service. By then, the user does not need to business offices, online upgrades only to complete written code, but the concrete implementation of these measures still.

Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White (Brian White) in a recent report to investors in the notes of the iPhone 4 China Telecom distribution rights for the progress of negotiations, and provide a focus for the iPhone 4 China Telecom to provide $ 550 purchase (approximately 3620 yuan) of the 12-month contract prices. Last week, White also said that its investors, China Telecom has completed the first CDMA version of iPhone 4 internal testing, saying the company has been very close to reach an agreement with Apple. Even in the Verizon Wireless launched earlier this year before the CDMA version of iPhone 4, which has been on the market for smart phones will visit China Telecom rumors.

As China’s third largest mobile operator, China Telecom, there are about 90 million users. The first and the second largest Chinese mobile operator China Mobile and China Unicom has 560 million respectively, and 1.6 million users.

U.S. investment bank Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster) report released on Wednesday investors, Wall Street currently underestimated the Apple iPhone in major markets including China, the sales potential. Munster are expected, with the iPhone sales in these key markets to further enhance, iPhone sales will increase 20% to 35%.

Chinese consumers on the iPhone in order to meet the high demand for Apple in the next few years, China’s new iPhone set up more than 20 stores. Last fall, Apple has opened iOS App Store Online Store and the Simplified Chinese version of the site.

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