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CES: Mophie Pulse turns iPod touch into gaming machine

Is it possible to make Angry Birds any more fun? I got to play with the Mophie Pulse at CES Unveiled and I’m pretty sure that this nifty gaming case can make any iPod Game better.

The Mophie Pulse gaming case enhances your iPod touch games by adding stereo sound and force feedback to all of your favorite App Store games. The attractive case also has a textured grip so you can really get a handle on all those twists and turns in I Love Katamari.

The Pulse uses something called Reflex Technology, haptic technology which sends strong vibrations that coincide with gameplay. It is a little off-putting at first-it is that strong-but definitely makes gaming a lot more fun. And, because it is a Mophie case, it will charge your iPod as you play.

Pricing and availability for the Mophie Pulse has not yet been announced.

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