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Chain Link HD v2.0 added new features

Chain Link HD has just updated to verison 2.0 with a few more new features added.Now is available for update for iPad.

What’s New in Chain Link HD Version 2.0

– Chain Pattern is now an in-app purchase ($0.99) for Chain Link Pro. Anyone who already owns Chain Pattern will already have this in-app unlocked. Contains static, arcade and memory modes for a total of 9 new levels.
– New gameplay called Chain Entity where the shape grows as you link it with similar shapes. As the shape gets bigger, the camera zooms out giving you a larger playing area. Available as an in-app purchase ($0.99). Contains 12 new levels.
– Also included with Chain Entity is a new Chain Link arcade level called Mini Mode where all the shapes are smaller and move slower so you can make extremely long chains that aren’t possible with the original Chain Link levels!
– Updated background for Easy levels
– Added Game Center leaderboards and achievements!
– Upgraded Openfeint, physics and graphic engine
– New undo feature. Almost beat your high score? Use an undo to keep your score and continue playing the same game! Only one undo can be used per game. Available as an in-app purchase or won with the mystery bonus.
– One free undo given to all players when the update is first installed so use it wisely!
– New mystery reward bonus – play often and earn the mystery bonus once a day. You can win a 4x or higher score multiplier bonus for all shapes for 30 seconds, 20x or higher score multiplier for your current shape or a free Undo. (Click the Powerups menu on the main screen to see when you can earn your next daily mystery bonus) (Bonus doesn’t spawn for Hyper Chain maps)

– Auto-pause and auto-save when the game is interrupted or sent to the background
– Added “Gift this app” feature under the More menu link from the main menu
– Added Help menu to pause screen
– Improved game timer look and moved to lower left corner for timed games
– Chain Pattern spawns in shapes faster then the original for faster paced action

Chain Link HD

Chain Link HD 2.0 ipa

Download Chain Link HD 2.0 IPA for iPad

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