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ChinaTaxi updated to version 1.1

ChinaTaxiChinaTaxi for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

“China Taxi” is a unique and exciting Game. Created and developed by Keyloft LLC. It is inspired by Chinese painting “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” from Song Dynasty, by Zhang Ze Duan.

Two country pumpkins, Johnny and Burger, decided to start a taxi business in the capital city.

During the Game, you need to help them to collect gold coins and safely take the passengers to town as fast as you could.

But there are alpacas, gigantic rolling rocks, tricky zombies, Tibetan mastiffs and Qinchuan bulls blocking their way. In order to get a higher score, you need to find and transport ALL three passengers in each level.

Remember, you may just have one second or less to react.

STAY FOCUSED, and do the right thing at the right time.

And don’t forget that every 100 gold coins can turn your taxi into an invincible rocket booster! Collect gold coins as many as you can.

◎【Coming Soon】Collect as many gold coins as you could. Customize the carriage, hire new taxi carriers and Unlock new adventures in the coming City Scene.

Special Features:
☆ 30 exciting levels.
☆ 3 main scenes: Alpacas Grassland, Rock-Rolling Dawn, and the not-scary Zombie Night.
☆ Challenges from traps, exploding bombs, rocks, cute zombies and the dangerous animals like Alpacas, Qinchuan bulls and Tibetan mastiffs!
☆ These Kung-Fu masters are able to perform charge, crouch, hop, jump and rolling jump. Choose their moves wisely.
☆ Free items: Collect 100 gold coins to equip a rocket booster on your carriage.
☆ Multiple layered Chinese Shan-Shui painting style backgrounds.
☆ Dynamitic fireflies and leaves animation.
☆ Support Retina displays.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Welcome to the newest update for China Taxi !

◎ Direction signs were added in level 1 to level 10.
◎ Extra gold coins for passengers delivered safely.
◎ Increased the speed of ‘rush-run’.
◎ Improved UI.
◎ Re-sized the hit areas to reduce difficulty.
◎ Improved performance.
◎ Several bugs fixed.


Coming soon:
☆The store owners have already selected their stores’ locations on the map. Keep on collecting and saving gold coins before the shopping season comes!

☆A glance in the shop
Amulet of Guan Yu ( One of the most famous general in ancient China, known as the “God of War” ): Summon the hero’s avatar to destory everything on your way!

☆Customize and upgrade your taxi carriage! Carry more passengers, run faster, jump higher , and more!

☆Since Johnny and Burger are hard workers, their business grow quickly! They are thinking about hiring more buddies to join them! Don’t forget, only the skilled runners are able to join this fast increasing business !

ChinaTaxi ipa

ChinaTaxi ipa cracked

ChinaTaxi IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.1: FileFactory |


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  1. Pretty fuuny game. If you like run run games, then you’ll probably want to pick this up.

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