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Clumsy Ninja v1.3.1 Hack Unlimited Coins and Gems

Here is a hack for Clumsy Ninja, the hot Game on App store. Many of you have requested  Clumsy Ninja hack, but I didn’t have time to do it.Luckily, I update new games and hacks on every Wednesday. I apologize  for the late.

What’s New in Version Clumsy Ninja 1.3.1

Explore the Box of Toys content pack!
-Jet Pack! Give your ninja the power of flight.
-Spring Boards! Use your imagination and get some incredible air.
-Cannon! Ready…Aim…FIRE! Your daring ninja will reach great heights.
-Target Tower – Can you hit the bullseye?
-Jump Suit! Wear the daredevil suit and activate helmets for your chicken and squirrel. Safety first!

We’ve also added additional bug fixes and optmizations to improve your Game.

 Clumsy Ninja v1.3.1 Hack Features:

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Gems

Clumsy Ninja cheat

How to hack Clumsy Ninja v1.3.1 with jailbreak:

1. Install and run the Game. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Clumsy Ninja v1.3.1 hack file from the link given below

3. Unzip the file.

4. Use iFunbox or iTools copy the file to  var/mobile/Applications/Clumsy Ninja/ClumsyNinja.app/  (Video tutorial here)

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Set permissions to 777 to the file ” ClumsyNinja” using iFile. (Video tutorial here)

7. Reboot your device.

8. Done! Go ahead spend some coins and gems.

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  1. Thanks very Much! Missed step 8, All is working now. Much Appreciated

  2. I have tried numerous times to get this to work.

    These are the steps I have taken…
    Install fresh copy of the game,
    Run and close, kill from multitask.
    Download the newest 1.3.1 hack
    Replace file via ifunbox, set permissions to 777…
    Read, Write, and Execute on all three.
    Reboot iPhone 5S on 7.04.
    Start the game with no changes in currency.

    Am I missing a step? I would appreciate the help. Thanks very much

  3. Worked for me! Thanks. I also realized that the hack syncs over Game Center. If you hack one device, your non-jailbroken devices will have your new totals.

  4. Sadly it doesn’t work on the latest version. I’ve put the file in the right place, set it to 777, I ran the terminal, used Cysign to sign the binary, it was successful, but when I try to run it, it auto minimizes, doesn’t wanna start. Cysign is easier to use compared to ldone, ioS 5.1.1 here.

    • It works on the latest version. I have signed the binary under iOS 5.1.1, now please redownload the file then just copy and set permissions, and you are good to go. Let me know if you still having any problems with it.

  5. Any chance we can get an updated version?

  6. for some reason my game crashes every time I try to open it?

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