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Coin Dozer Pro v10.6 Added New Paplinko Puzzle

Coin Dozer ProCoin Dozer Pro for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Pro Version Features:
*No Banner Ads!
*Full screen play!
*Better Performance! (as a result of having no banner ads)
*Starts with 75 Coins!

COIN DOZER, the smash-hit Game from Game Circus! The free version has over 15,000,000 downloads and counting!!!

#1 app in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Philippines!
#1 game in France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia!
#2 game in the U.S and many more!

COIN DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fair park and onto your iPhone! The game you’ve spent countless hours playing, now in the palm of your hand! No change needed.
Push shiny coins and exciting prizes into your hands by dropping some from your pocket and into the machine. Watch out though! Try not to push them off the sides and out of your reach. Collect teddy bears, fuzzy dice, sparkling gems and more for special bonuses or even more coins! It’s ok if your coins run out, more will be filling up your pockets very soon Keep checking back to complete your collection of prizes!

What’s New in Coin Dozer Pro Version 9.1

Fixed the sound volume bug.
Added Special Coins info page.

What’s New in Version 9.2

✩✩ New “Frog Toss” Puzzle!! ✩✩ Complete the Coin Dozer puzzle to Unlock the Frog Toss puzzle!

What’s New in Version 10.0

✩ New Upgrade for Collections up to Tier 9 ✩
If you Complete all 6 Tiers in a Collection, an upgrade will appear, so you can get up to 9 Tiers for a stronger bonus!

Note: You will not see the upgrade until you reach 6th Tier.

✩ New Resource: Dozer Dollars! ✩
Dozer Dollars can be earned by completing puzzles. You can use these to increase your max Collection Tiers to 9.

Other cool stuff you can do with Dozer Dollars is coming.

What’s New in Version 10.1

Dozer Dollar In App Purchases are now working!

Ride puzzle pieces are now collectable!

Fixed the bug that was causing paid customers to see popup ads. If you bought this game and ever see a popup ad PLEASE send an email directly to [email protected]

What’s New in Version 10.2

Horse Frenzy Puzzle added!

What’s New in Version 10.3

Added Prize Claw Puzzle!

What’s New in Version 10.6

New Paplinko Puzzle!
Full screen play on iPhone 5!

Coin Dozer Pro ipa

Coin Dozer Pro IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 10.6: SlingFile

Version 10.3: Sendspace

Version 10.2: SlingFile

Version 10.1: LimeLinx

Version 10.0: Limelinx

Version 9.2: SlingFile

Download Coin Dozer Pro v9.1 ipa – syfiles

Download Coin Dozer Pro v9.1 ipa – fiberupload

Download Full Version

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