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Color Tower Lite 1.0 Released

Indie Developer Tanu Kush has announced the release and immediate availability of Color Tower Lite 1.0, Free version of his puzzle Game Color Tower. Color Tower is a Unique Block building puzzle Game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad .

Color Tower is a great time killer for those who just want to relax and complete the puzzle, and a perfect challenge for those who like to complete it faster than others or in less moves than others.

In the lower left corner a blueprint is given in each level that needs to be constructed. Player can move a brick by selecting it with a tap and move it to the another place by tapping where you want it to go. In this way player replaces the bricks until he has constructed the plan as shown on the blueprint and there is no Time Limit.

Color Tower Lite comes with 3 unique levels which are not available in the Full version of the App. It is a universal app which works on all iOS devices. Color Tower Lite features Openfeint and Game Center support for global leader boards. Players can compete for minimum time or minimum moves for each level with global players.

Tanu Kush has released significant updates in Full version of the app since its launch addressing the user reviews. Color Tower Full Version now comes with 20 levels and has no time limit .

Pricing and Availability:
Color Tower Lite 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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