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It is said that Apple MacBook Pro / iMac upgrade next year

Taiwan’s media from the upstream parts manufacturers got the news at Apple will be upgraded in the first half of next year, the new MacBook Pro laptop and iMac one machine, and may be directly powered by next-generation operating system, Mac OS X Lion

Allegedly, the new MacBook Pro will provide at least four different models, but one machine will have a new iMac screen sizes appear. Apple will enter a new price range, those firms the mainstream market. Allegedly, the new machines will all use the Intel Sandy Bridge processor family, there will be a slight change in design. The new machines equipped with Mac OS X Lion’s message should look at the time of its release next month of about 5,6 (Apple’s Mac OS X Lion notice Published Summer 2011).

Suppliers said that Apple’s notebook shipments in 2010 will no doubt surpassed 1,000 million mark, and a new generation of models will help Apple’s notebook performance in 2011 and then increased by 30% to 40%. Quanta and Foxconn will share Apple’s new machine orders, Quanta Mac revenue share of the foundry business from the current 20% to 28% in 2011 to 30%.

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