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Comparing the iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

The news all around the web that talking about the new Kindle Fire tablet. So do we,because no matter the price or the design, it’s amazing.The problem is here, do I buy an iPad 2 or Kindle Fire or Nook Color?Which one is better? The answer is here, this handy chart from The Verge makes it nice and easy.


What obviously stands out here is that the iPad 2 dominates every conceivable spec in the chart, minus the higher price point of course. For that reason (and others), I’m not sure if this is a fair comparison but people will be wanting to compare the devices anyway. The iPad 2 clearly has many more features, a larger screen, significantly more powerful CPU & GPU, but is also priced at at least 2.5x the Kindle tablet, and if anything this comparison does a great job of illustrating that the iPad is really in it’s own league.

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